Adventures of a Full-Time Author – Day 18



How was your holiday weekend? I spent mine here at home, with the fam. My son and I went swimming and we had a family water balloon fights. LOTS of yummy food. Most of all, we made some great memories.


I found a part-time job.

It’s nothing fancy but I think I’m going to love it. I like both of the people I interviewed with and everyone else I’ve encountered during the process. The best part of the job… it’s not going to interfere with my writing.

Since I started writing full-time, I’ve found that I work best in the morning. Get up, get started, put the kid on the bus and I crank out words. That’s still the plan and since this job is a few nights a week from 430-10, I’m confident that I will still be as productive.

It means I’ll be busy this summer, especially once the kiddo is home. I’m up for the challenge though. I’m ready to get out of the house a little. After the last few weeks, its become clear to me that I was never meant to be a stay-at-home anything.

Just because it’s not for me doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed it. It just means that I need social interaction on a daily basis with someone other than my husband. I need to feel needed by other people and working in customer service will fulfill that need for me.

So… if you are a stay-at-home person, my respect for you has grown immensely. I feel trapped here but I know that’s not always the way everyone feels. Every day less gets done because I know that I can do it tomorrow.  My house that was spotless the first week is in desperate need of attention today.

And it’ll get done.

So will writing.

And the school picnic.

And release day.

Yep. Today is going to be a great day because I have ALL the things to do and the challenge will be to accomplish them. I never back down from a challenge.

So, for now, go pick up book 1 in the Rumors series for FREE. It’s my way of celebrating the release of book 3 today. Also, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss another sale or new release.