Honorary Sale


Happy Easter Sunday! I hope everyone was able to spend time with their families and loved ones today.

Sunday is normally a day I write all day but not today. Not because it’s Easter. Today is my grandma’s birthday and although she’s no longer with us, I spend the day remembering the things she taught me and reflecting on the memories we made together. Born on April Fools Day, she wasn’t a funny woman, but she was the strongest woman I know. She was devoted mother and wife as well as a neo-natal nurse (she took care of the really sick babies). Her family was more important to her than anything else so on her birthday, I find it comforting to be around family.

She was also one of my biggest supporters when I decided to become an author. Her and my grandfather, may they both celebrate together in Heaven today. She would listen to me talk about my ideas, the storylines and give me feedback. She was an avid reader and although it’s been three years, her library of books remain in the home, untouched by anyone. We’ll donate them eventually but I don’t think any of us are ready just yet.

The one thing she always told me was to make sure I found a way to give back to my readers, as a thank you for supporting me and my dreams. It was one of the last conversations we had, actually, as she was helping me work through the storyline for Saving Bliss. It took me eighteen months to finish that book after she passed. I felt lost without her and I wasn’t ready to dive back in with those characters without her by my side.

So, in honor of my grandmother and in celebration of her birthday, Saving Bliss is on sale this month. From 4/9-4/15 you can snag it for only 99 cents. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it at any time. It’s companion novella, Losing Chelsea, is also enrolled in KU.

If I’m a new-to-you author, Saving Bliss is a great place to start. I also have a number of books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe, including my most recent release, book 1 in the Rumors series.

Mark your calendars. April 9th will be here before you know it and you won’t want to miss the sale.

“This was such a compelling story!! I was in such suspense waiting to see what was happening, why Owen was there for Bliss and what his story really was. “ – Amazon Reviewer


I was hired to protect her. I was told to keep her safe, shadow her every move, and keep my eyes open at all times. He wouldn’t tell me from what, or whom. He wouldn’t even admit she was in danger. It turns out, she is. So am I. Now, I’m falling for her, and that changes everything. I need to find a way to keep her safe without compromising my heart.


I don’t need a babysitter or a bodyguard. I can take care of myself. If I had wanted a roommate I would have one, and it wouldn’t be him. He’s too… intriguing. Stubborn. Sexy. If I need protection from anyone it’s from him. He sees too much, knows too much, and the way he looks at me is causing the walls I’ve built around my heart to weaken. I need him to back off, but I want him closer.