The Crowned Heart!

I was having a rough day today. Nothing seemed to be going right and if something could go wrong, it did. Then things took an amazing turn for the better.

Back in August, just after releasing Dear Maggie, I submitted a request with InD’Tale Magazine for an editorial review. Knowing these things take time, as many authors submit each month, I went about life and completely forgot about it.

Until today.

When my bestie sent me a text that turned my frown upside down.

After months of waiting and wondering, the December edition of InD’Tale Magazine was released and inside was their review of Dear Maggie. A GLOWING review at that!

4.5 stars AND the coveted Crowned Heart

If you’d like to check out this month’s issue or subscribe, pop over to their website. It’s one of two literary magazines that I truly enjoy reading.


Want to read the review? Click HERE.

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