Losing Chelsea

After I released Saving Bliss, I had a few reader requests for more. More of Bliss and Owen, but specifically, people wanted to hear more about Jay. They wanted his story. They wanted to learn more about Chelsea. Their story and Owen’s relationship with Jay was a bit of a mystery to readers.

So I wrote what people asked for, but it might not be exactly what you expect it to be.

You get a taste of the life Chelsea and Jay had. You experience her death through his eyes. Most importantly, you learn why Jay is the way he is and why his relationship with Owen was strained. Oh! And then there’s Skylar… you’re going to like her. She’s a firecracker and knocks Jay on his ass.

Jay’s story is releasing in two weeks and I couldn’t be more excited for it to be in your hands.

To celebrate, Saving Bliss will be on sale for #99cents next week. If you haven’t had a chance to start the duet, pick up your copy between 5/28 & 6/4 for less than a dollar. It will be available on BN, iBooks, Kobo and Amazon.

Here’s a little excerpt from Losing Chelsea to enjoy before release…

“I’ll have a Jack and coke,” I say.
Even knowing everyone involved in Bliss’ disappearance is either dead or in jail, I don’t trust this place. A distant cousin from another mother could be involved somehow. Someone could still be keeping their eyes open for Bliss, silently seeking revenge. 
It’s been two years, but it could still happen.
If they own this place, it’s so far under the radar that Adam couldn’t find it.
“I guess I’ll have one, too,” Owen says after I give him the nod of approval.
“For you, miss?” a sweet, sultry voice asks, catching my attention.
Turning my head in the direction of the sound, I find a beautiful brunette standing ready to take our orders, a pen poised on her pad of paper. Her shirt’s too tight. Her shorts are too short. What really catches my attention is the tiny bit of space between the two, showing her tanned skin and the top of a tattoo.
Wanting to reach out and touch it, I have to stop myself. 
I never reacted this way to a woman before. 
Never felt the need to touch someone as much as I do her right now.
When she walks away, I watch her every move. Her hips sway just enough I want to wrap my hands around them and lead her around the dance floor.
“See something you like?” Owen asks after a few minutes.
There’s a smart-ass comment on the tip of my tongue, but when I turn to say it, I see the look on Owen and Bliss’ faces. They’re smiling at me. Grinning actually, deviously.

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