Release Me!


And I hope I never have to again. It was frickin’ hard. I prefer sharing everything, all the time, with anyone who will listen. Well… not everything, but you get the picture.

So, now that the secret’s out, let me tell you a little more about it.

Marisa Shor of Cover Me, Darling and I teamed up to bring authors a guide that that will not only help keep them organized, but help them track the value of their marketing efforts with each new release.

As an author… I love this! I have a horrible memory. When it comes time to run an ad or pay for sites to promote my book, I can never remember which sites went over well, and which were a waste of time and money. This book will help you avoid those types of mistakes if you utilize it properly.

Here’s what you’re getting when you purchase Release Me! An Author Tracking Guide:

  • 14 pages dedicated to tracking your new release
  • a page to track your deadlines
  • a page to track the services you pay for
  • 2 pages to track your marketing efforts: the week before release, the week of release and the week after release
  • a page dedicated to tracking giveaways
  • a page dedicated to tracking sales during promotions
  • a page to track your newsletter promotion and your advertising demographics
  • 2 pages for notes

and so much more…

Want to snag a copy for yourself or an author you think might benefit from using the guide? They’re available on Amazon and CreateSpace for $15.00 each.


If we are going to be seeing each other at any of my 2017 signings, you can preorder your copies from me at a discounted price.


✫✫ Release Me! : An Author Tracking Guide ✫✫

Releasing a new book is hard work. Between deadlines and marketing, there is a ton of information to remember. Where do you keep track of it all?
Release Me! An Author Tracking Guide could be your answer!

✫ Meet your deadlines on time.
✫ Keep your marketing plan in one place.
✫ Track promotions, advertising, sales and results.

What worked? What flopped? With the tracking guide you’ll be able to have a better idea of how each aspect of your marketing plan contributed to your success. Then, look back later on and make the most out of every release.

***Each tracking guide will accommodate THREE releases with 14 pages for each release. Perfect for your next trilogy!

Avoid wasting money on advertising that didn’t make an impact! Snag your copy now and make the most out of EVERY new release.