New Year, New Additions & Release Dates!

January 6th – 6 days into the new year already. I feel like I’ve accomplished more in the last six days than I did the entire month of December. Why?

A few reasons, but mainly my PA (personal assistant). The stress of marketing on a daily basis is gone. I can focus on writing, planning, and everything else that goes into writing and publishing a book. Her name is Brenda. She runs a blog called We Read With A Glass Of Wine. The best way to describe her is FANTASTIC! I wish I had made her a part of my team a long time ago.

So, with Brenda in charge of marketing and social media, what am I doing? I have a list of things I need to accomplish this month. Here’s the short version (because the longer version scares me a little):

  1. I need to finish writing Sticks & Stones. I’ve recently changed the title of this book. If you’ve seen previous posts, it was originally called The Jane Project. The cover I purchased was a premade and the title fit perfectly, so I kept the title of the premade. I should be able to the cover is March. (tentative April 2017 release date)
  2. Chasing Fate is headed to editing at the end of the month. One more read through and it’s my editors turn to perfect it.
  3. The cover for Chasing Fate is partially finished. The artwork is done. It goes to design next month after formatting.
  4. Oh formatting! How I love thee and hate thee all at once. This is something I’ve been doing myself for a while now. I’ll disappear from social media all together once I start.
  5. I have TWO sales this month on books. Jumping Puddles will be on sale for 99 cents 1/10-1/14 and A Secret Life will be 99 cents 1/25/-1/29. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, both of these books are FREE!
  6. After Sticks & Stones is finished, I need to start the companion novella for Saving Bliss. This is a book I wasn’t planning on writing. It never even crossed my mind until it was requested by a reader. They want Jay’s story and being the person that I am, I’m going to give it to them. Losing Chelsea has a tentative release date of June 2017.

Are you catching all these release dates?

Chasing Fate – March 27, 2017

Sticks & Stones – April 2017

Losing Chelsea – June 2017

If I disappear for a while you know why. I have words to write, stories to tell, and books to get in your hands.

The rest of my release schedule for the year is up in the air still. I’d love to release a book before OUAB in August and another before Penned Con in September or Great Lakes Book Bash in October. Five is my goal, six could be the magic number this year.

I think that’s all the updates I have for now. If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter, it’s the best way to hear about sales, see covers before anyone else, and read excerpts from my work-in-progress. Plus, I have a subscribers-only giveaway each month. Click HERE to sign up now!

Until next time…