The not-so-Dirty Dozen


That’s how many books I’ve now written from start to finish. In fact, it’s been exactly 4 years since I first started writing. Almost to the day.

It’s amazing to me that I came up with that many different storylines, different characters, different places to write about. Especially since all my books, with the exception of one, are romance. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for a good love story.

Now, the next book I’m going to release – Saving Bliss – has been a work in progress for two years. A pain in the rear from the start, this book means the world to me. I won’t say it’s my favorite, or it’s the best I’ve written. I will say that I literally cried over this book a few times, threw things at my computer, slammed it closed and cursed out my character on more than one occasion. It was most definitely a labor of love. I’m hoping, by the time my editors works her magic, it was worth it.

I plan to release this book whenever the time feels right. I generally get anxious and release early. This one might take a minute. It scares the crap out of me to even think about releasing it to all of you.

What I can tell you is that my editor gets it near the end of October and my cover designer the second week of November. That means I probably won’t release it until at least Thanksgiving, maybe after. My beta readers have it right now. I’m hoping their feedback will soothe the inner crazy that’s going on right now.

If you subscribe to my newsletter then you’ve already seen the cover. For those of you that don’t (really? why not? I do cool giveaways and stuff) I’ll be releasing it soon. Probably in October. Maybe November. Maybe today? I honestly have no plan for this one. The only thing I know is that I’ll release it first on IG so if you don’t follow me (again… why not?), you might wanna look me up.

If you haven’t read any of the DOZEN books I’ve read, here’s a list, with links because I’m nice like that, for you to check them out.


Holding On, Holding On series book 1

Unglued, Holding On series book 2

Weakness, Holding On series book 3

Flawed Reality, Holding On series book 4


A Secret Life, Secrets Duet book 1

Secrets & Lies, Secrets Duet book 2


Take A Gamble


Lucky 13

Jumping Puddles

Dark Bishop (note the word DARK in the title)


That’s all for now folks. Happy Tuesday! (I’m gonna grab a margarita now and hide until I hear from my betas.)