I published a book today!

Yes, I published a book today. An AMAZING book. The best book I’ve written to date. No, I’m not full of myself. I see the differences in this book and others I’ve written. I can see how much my writing has developed over the years. AND, reviews speak for themselves. Unfortunately, today feels like any other day for me. Why? Well, it doesn’t feel like anything special happened today and that makes me sad.

So, here’s the thing about publishing a book (in my opinion).

It’s all about visibility. For weeks, I’ve been trying to spread the word about this book with the help of some amazing friends. (I see you Brenda!) I’ve posted on social media. I’ve scheduled ads. I sent out ARC copies to those that signed up. I even ran a special with the book priced at 99 cents for those that preordered.

I’ve essentially tried every strategy that I know at this point to make my book visible.

Guess what? It’s still not visible. The bigger problem? I have no idea why.

Sure, the market is saturated with books right now, most of which are as amazing if not more so. Yes, Facebook blocks most of what I post. Rather, it picks and chooses what it shows people. Yes, I’m a little fish in a big pond.

My question is this… as a reader, where do you get information about your next great read? Do you follow blogs on Facebook? Do you scroll through Twitter? InstaGram?

How do I reach you?

So please, in the comments below, tell me where you go to find your next read. I’d love to know. I’d love to connect with you. I’d love for you to at least see the books I publish so you can make the decision whether or not you might like to read them.

***NOTE*** As I’m rereading this post I can see how it seems a bit like a pity post but that’s not it at all. I’m just… curious. I want to know how to connect with you. You are who I write these books for. You are who I take time away from my family for. You are the ones I drink coffee all hours of the day for. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch since I love coffee and will NEVER turn down a fresh cup.) It’s about you.