Dear Kindle Unlimited…

It has come to my attention that some crazy s**t is happening over on Amazon. Things that are negatively impacting the lives of authors. It started a while back when reviews began disappearing. Now, it’s taken a turn for the worse.

The short story – an author was notified by Amazon that her account was being canceled, she can no longer publish on Amazon and they are removing all her books. Say what?!? Yeah, so apparently something about her sales led them to believe that she was scamming the Kindle Unlimited system. Did they ask? Nope. Did they assume that an accomplished author, with multiple titles, that sell fairly well, was somehow paying a click farm to earn her extra money?

They sure did.

The funny thing is, (which is really not funny at all) from what I know of this author, she’s as legit as they come.

As I stewed over this all afternoon after reading the article, I weighed my options regarding my involvement with Kindle Unlimited.

I do not want to end up in this situation. I do not want to worry that one day I might get an email saying I’ve been blacklisted by Amazon. I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through but I sure hope she fights back and gives Amazon hell.

Long story short, err short as possible, I’m pulling ALL my books from the KU program. If you are a subscriber, I apologize, but for an author that one day hopes to make this my main source of income, the risk has become too great. All my titles will become available through all other distributors as of September 1st, some sooner than that.

So… I have a few sales coming up that I thought you would like to know about. Here’s the lowdown on how July is looking.

First off, Jumping Puddles releases on July 25th. For preorders only, you can snag a copy for only 99 cents.



For all my books currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited…


That’s my big news of the week. I hope you all snag some books at the discounted prices above.

Have a great weekend!