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I can’t believe it’s finally here!!! I’m so excited to share this book with all of you. Grant and Madison’s story is one of my personal favorites and I hope it becomes one of yours.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:


Oh my this was such a wonderful story. The way one woman helps the people that are abused and helps find them a new home. When Madison is younger her mother passes away and she goes to spend a little time with her Grandmother Celia who runs this Thompson Foundation. She meets a young man by the name of Joshua who will be involved in this foundation. Where the Number 13 becomes involved I won’t go into details of how the Lucky 13 comes into play you will just have to read to find out. This is such an emotional read that you can’t put it down wondering what will happen next. When something happens and Tragedy strikes will Madison be able to remember everything she needs to. When she meets this young man named Grant will life take a turn with some familiar twist. Then when their life is upheaved again will Madison do whatever it takes to find Grant? Will Madison and Grant ever get their Happily Ever After? The writer goes into great details how these underground foundations are willing to help someone in need get away from danger job well done.

The thing I’m most excited for is the fact that I was able to release Lucky 13 for only 99 CENTS! That price won’t last long so, if you’re interested in snagging a copy, do so quickly. I’m not sure when the price will go back up.

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Want to know more about Lucky 13? How about a few teasers…

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And just because I love my readers, here’s a little snippet to enjoy while you wait for your copy to upload to your Kindle. Allow me to introduce you to Madison’s BFF, Libby. I like to call her ‘Loud Libby’. You’ll figure out pretty quickly why.

The parking lot is packed. Students are gathered in small groups, sitting on open truck tailgates, laughing and having fun. You would never know it’s the first day of school. Me? I’m planning on sitting in my car until the very last moment. I know where my classroom is. I figure I can head straight there and stop at my locker between first and second period.

A knock on my window scares the crap out of me and I jump, screaming bloody murder. I hear a loud, booming laugh coming from my left and look over to find the girl from the thrift store doubled over outside my door. I shake my head, knowing that she’s taking pleasure watching me struggle. Again.

I open my door and step out as she stands up and thrusts her hand toward me, still giggling to herself. She’s wearing a shirt similar to one that I picked up in Raleigh last week. It looks like I’m on the right track as far as fashion goes.

“Libby,” she announces rather loudly.

“Madison,” I reply, taking her hand in mine and shaking it softly.

“Why don’t we get you over your fears, Madison?” She nods her head toward the entrance to the school. How she knew I was scared of what lies ahead is beyond me.

“I’m ready whenever you are,” I say as I hear a bell ring in the distance.

“They’re playing our tune. Let’s head in.” Libby starts toward the school, not waiting for me to object. I hit the lock button on my car after grabbing my bag out of the passenger seat and jog to catch up with her. She’s quick. “So, where are you from?”

This is what I wanted. Someone to talk to. A friend. It’s going to be a long story, but one that I’m willing to share at this point. “A little bit of everywhere, but most recently California.”

Libby stops dead in her tracks and I almost run into the back of her. She looks me up and down, studying my appearance in detail. I know what she’s going to say before she even opens her mouth.

“You don’t look like a California girl.”

“I get that a lot. My mother was from southern Georgia and my father is from here.” I start walking again and Libby falls in step with me. “We move around a lot because my father is a Marine.”

“Did he get transferred here?”

I hear a warning bell ring as we walk through the open doors to the school. “Something like that,” I mutter, knowing that the conversation is far from over, but our time together is up for now. The stairs are in clear sight and I need to get to class. The last thing I need is to walk in late my first day. “It was nice seeing you again, Libby.”

“I’ll find you later and we’ll finish our conversation,” Libby hollers after me, loud enough that a few people stop and stare at me as I start to climb the stairs. I turn to wave and find Libby already immersed in conversation with a few other girls.

I hope you all enjoy Lucky 13. Let me know what you think by leaving a review on Amazon, GoodReads or feel free to message me.