rainbows covered in glitter

At the beginning on November, as I sat down and started to put words on paper for my 2015 #Nano project, I took a moment to think about what this book really meant to me. It’s book #10, written in the last three years. I’ve been published for 2 years as of November 23rd. To me, this is a big deal. I’m hitting double digits. I’m growing as an author, my writing is improving and I have somewhat of a fan base now.

The big question was… how am I going to make this book, this release, these characters special for all of you?

As I got farther into the project I fell more in love with the story line and the characters. After about a week it hit me. The answer had been in front of my face as I scrolled through Facebook, of course.

My first thought was, what if this is the wrong decision? I talked to the bestie (shout out to Casey Bond) and she helped me weigh the pros and cons because of course, there are going to be both. Then, I took the first step. I sent a personal message to someone I respect and look up to in the Indie community. She’s someone who is fierce about her work and helping others to succeed. She is none other than… Stacey Rourke.

I probed her with questions, asked about the process and how things are done. She was kind enough to answer all my questions honestly so I could make an informed decision.

Have I lost you yet?

No? Good. I’m just getting to the best part.

So, after thinking it over, I made the decision to put it together and submit. Yes, I said submit. Along with my very first query letter, I submitted the prologue and chapter 1 of Lucky 13 (my 2015 Nano project) to Anchor Group Publishing, Stacey Rourke’s publishing company.


Before you start to throw things at me through the computer screen because I said I would never traditionally publish again… I take it back. I know what I said and the reason’s I said it still remain. After talking with Stacey and doing a little research, I found that I may have been judgemental about the traditional publishing world as a whole. I had a very bad experience, this is true, but it doesn’t mean that every experience with a publishing company will be like mine was.

I trust Stacey therefore I trust her with my book. If you know her you know why. You can’t put that much passion in such a small package without is radiating out like rainbow covered in glitter. Yep. I just went there.

I know… get on with the big announcement.

Well, I made Stacey cry. No, that’s not the announcement. I’m afraid after she reads the rest of the book she may cry again, and again, and… you get the picture. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker at times.

After a lot of thought and going back and forth with myself for a day or two while attempting to win Nano and finish Lucky 13, I decided that I wanted to take this chance. I want to give traditional publishing another shot. So she drew up a contract and I signed it.

Coming July 2016…

Lucky 13

Written by Rachael Brownell

Published by Anchor Group Publishing

Cover Design by Cover Me, Darling

On top of that…

I finished Lucky 13 on November 27th after writing over 80K words in 27 days. I’ll be hiding in my personal editing hell for the next two weeks if you need me.


Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!