I love my life

Before you get the wrong impression about this post let me start by saying that my life isn’t perfect. I have challenges just like everyone does. I go through ups and downs every day. I get mad and frustrated. I want to scream and shout. At the end of the day, though..  I just prefer to look at the glass as half full AND, after seeing a #Carolism on Facebook yesterday, refillable. (If you are not sure what a #Carolism is you need to search is on Facebook, then follow the amazing lady behind them.)

It’s been 5 months now since I left my full time job. In the last 5 months I’ve spent more time with my family than I was able to the entire year prior. I’m home EVERY night for dinner, to tuck my son in and relax with my fiance. I miss my old job from time to time but not as much as I thought I would. Why? Because I have time for the important things in life now – family, writing & fun.

Anyway, this post didn’t come out of nowhere. I was talking with my manager yesterday and apologizing for taking so much time off lately. She just grinned at me and laughed. Her words were something along the line of “I’m glad you’re getting a better work-life balance. Isn’t that why you quit?”

See, I still work for the same company just in a different position with less responsibility and much better hours. It’s hard not being the boss some days, but most of the time I’m happy about it, especially when I’m walking out the door after only a few hours and I know my manager has hours to go in their shift, or schedules to write, or random paperwork to do.

The moral of this long story is this…

I was scared shitless when I quit my job. The money aspect alone was enough to send me into mild panic attacks for the first few weeks. But I did it. I jumped off the bridge into the unknown. I gave up my salary, benefits and bonuses.

I didn’t let my fears stop me from going after the life I wanted – a better life with time for my family – and I’m so glad I didn’t. For the first time in 10 years I don’t feel like I’m working to live or that I’m living at work. I’m just living. (and writing of course)

Fear of the unknown can keep people from following their dreams. If you’re at the crossroads like I was… don’t look left or right, walk straight ahead towards what you want. Then, when you get there, look back and wave at the situation you left behind. It helped to mold you into the person you are today. Be grateful. Be thankful. Don’t be left full of regret.