I’ve been using the hashtag #Next for a while now. If you don’t know what’s happening, I’m releasing a new book. Let me tell you a little about it…

Next is the first in a series of 3 novels, the Kiss Series. Each book can be read on their own, in any order you choose. Characters will overlap a little but the focus will we on a different set of characters in each book.

Next is Reagan and Luke’s story. It goes a little something like this…


What if one kiss could change everything?

It did, for Reagan Brooks. Her fascination with Luke Evans went from a school-girl crush to heart-wrenching love in an instant. Then he left town, leaving a starry-eyed Reagan in his wake. No one will ever be good enough. No kiss will ever compare to his. Reagan’s standards are high. When someone doesn’t meet them, she moves on.

“Next in line, please.”

Moving through life with unrealistic expectations can be damaging. Letting those expectations go… It’s in that moment we find out who we are and what we really want.


I’m really excited about this book. I fell instantly in love with the idea and put everything else on hold to work on it. Of course, I hope you love their story as much as I do.

Earlier this week I sent Next to my editor. Once those wheels were in motion I knew that I had a few decisions that I needed to make. First, when was I going to release the book. Second, where was I going to release it. Tough decisions, both of them, but I was mainly focused on the “where” aspect.

After going back and forth, and back and forth again, I’ve decided to release Next ONLY on Amazon. For those of you that are part of Kindle Unlimited, this means you’ll be able to read Next for FREE.

The “when” part wasn’t a cake walk. I wanted to make sure that I gave my editor, myself, my formatter and my cover designer enough time. So…

next release teaser 2

September 1st is the big day!

That seems like forever away but I know that the time will fly right by. Plus, I’ll keep busy with edits and I’m still working on Saving Bliss. I promise to get that finished one day. Bliss is still being a b***h when it comes to wanting her story her way and not mine. Characters can be like that sometimes. I apologize for her, of course.

Since it’s still 8 weeks away, I thought I would give you a few teasers to tide you over. Enjoy!

Next teaser 7 teaser 5

teaser 3 teaser 6


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