Giving Good Aural at GLBB!

It you are one of the lucky that are going to be attending the 1st Annual Great Lakes Book Bash in Kalamazoo, Mi… you are going to want to check this out.

This years panel topics have been announced and they are AMAZEBALLS! Not only are the topics fun but there is a star-studded line up presenting. You won’t want to miss a single panel!

Here’s the line-up for 2015…

The Path to Publication

Indie? Big Press? Small Press? Hybrid? There has never been a time in publishing with as many options for authors as there are right now. We will explore the pros and cons of the various avenues available to get your books where you want them most; in the hands of readers. This panel is designed for authors just penning their first book, as well as authors with multiple titles already in the marketplace.
Panel led by: Delphina Miyares

Networking & Social Media

How do you approach other authors and form a network of people who will share their talents in exchange for yours? How can you use social media to promote your work without perpetually blasting your followers with your links? Come join us for tips on working your platforms more efficiently and connecting with others to build a successful network where everyone wins!
Panel led by: Kyla Sims, Misty Provencher & Carol Kunz

Marketing 101

Marketing is something that changes almost daily. So how do we keep up with it? What are some ways to think outside the box? Marketing doesn’t have to be the dreaded task we all fear. Whether you are a seasoned author or fresh blood, marketing is your constant companion. Everything from ads, logos and branding, events, newsletters, promo, and book trailers – Learn how to tame the beast and make the market yours!
Panel led by: M.R. Polish & MJ Harty

Building your Author Brand

In the business of books writers occasionally choose to write what sells. Focusing their works on the hot market trends. Many times this means entering a market already saturated with similar works. How then do we stand out? For that answer we have to look within our work and find what is unique in our voice. Armed with that knowledge we can formulate a brand that can carry across genres and increase our base of readers.
Panel led by: Christine Wolf & Stacey Rourke

Giving Good Aural
Using Audiobooks as a Marketing Platform or Second Stream of Income

Readers are finding a solution to sneaking in their favorite books around PTA meetings, long days at the office, or endless honey-do lists: audiobooks. Over the last few years, this formerly niche-market has seen a double-digit growth in sales. Increased demand isn’t being met with supply, however, leaving audiophiles starving for content. While audiobook creation is a labor-intensive endeavor, there are methods that can make the process more appealing and manageable. An author willing to put in the effort and time can bolster their fan base and/or create another stream of income without creating new content. Killian McRae has served as the producer of several audiobooks, produced her first novel as a serialized podiobook, and is currently recording two of her other novels for 2015 release. She’ll walk you through the steps to setting up a home recording space, the different options for recording yourself or getting someone else to do it, and introduce you to some of the platforms that allow indie authors to deliver content to listeners.
Panel led by: Killian McRae

Times for each panel will be announced at a later date. If you miss the information before the event, the panels and times will be listed in this years program.

That’s all the news I have for today.

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