It’s over and I mean it this time

The most rewarding feeling you get as an author, in my opinion, is when a reader reaches out to you, or leaves you a review, and tells you how your book touched them, inspired them, etc. I read every review, even the ones that trash my books. Why? Because I want to learn from them, grow as a writer, and give readers the best book that I can each and every time.

The 2nd most rewarding feeling you get as an author is when you type the two words that send you on a journey that is both scary as hell and exciting at the same time. THE END!

I just did that^^^

I typed those two little words!

I finished another book!

Now, the journey begins… I can’t wait for Brad’s story to be in your hands. I hope everyone loves the conclusion to the Holding On series. I thought it was complete a year ago after releasing Ethan’s novella but people kept asking what happened to Brad. I couldn’t leave my readers in limbo.

You shall be in limbo no longer… well, not after June 9th at least.

flawed reality



June 9, 2015

Flawed Reality: Brad’s Novella

The final book in the Holding On series (and I mean that this time).

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Have a great Thursday everyone! I know I plan to.