I don’t normally post many things about my personal life here or on any part of social media. Not because I don’t like to share but because I find it hard to share things about my personal life with people. Ask anyone who was at the first signing with me. I was mute most of the time.

Well, a lot has been changing in my life and I’ve been sharing and found that, probably because there is a computer between me and you, it’s pretty easy to share things. And the outpouring of support I’m receiving for the tiniest things I’m sharing is AMAZING! I’m not saying that I’m going to be an open book at my next signing, but I have a feeling that I’ll be more talkative.

So, on a positive note, I thought I would share something personal with everyone again today. It takes a short story to get to the point but if you wait for it, there are pictures too!

Never mind the short story, here’s the shortest version of the story I can tell. The highlights…

I met my boyfriend in 2005. We moved in together at the end of that year after dating about 6 months. 3 months later, we bought a house. 6 months after that, we decided we wanted a baby. In 2007 we had our son.

I’m going to skip ahead now.

In 2012 my first book was picked up by a publishing house and life went a little crazy. It got back on track when I dropped my publishing house in 2014. Then I got a promotion and life went a little crazy again. I quit my job to be home with my family more and to write last month.

So, long story short, we’ve been together almost 10 years now. We’ve created an amazing family and an amazing life together. Just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, he surprises me again and they become amazing.


On Sunday, March 29, 2015, he proposed and I said yes! Nothing will change but everything will all at the same time.

“2015 is going to be our year” he keeps saying and I can’t help but believe him. He’s been saying it since January and things continue to change in our lives and only for the better.

The best part is, we set a date in 2016 so it looks like 2015 AND 2016 are going to be our years.

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