A dangerous game has begun.

If you’ve read any of my books you know that I like to make you swoon over my characters, cry for them and with them. I want you to embrace the story and the characters. I want you to do the same with this book but I thought it was only fair to warn you, Dark Bishop is a little different…

A dangerous game has begun.

“Sydney, order up for table two!”

Who knew the road to Hollywood would be so glamorous. I’ve been working in this diner for months. My feet hurt. My arms ache. But slowly, I’m putting money away. I’ll get to California. I refuse to wind up like my mother.

Head down. Work hard. Save money. It’s all going according to plan, until Jake Bishop walks in to the diner…

In his game, everyone’s a pawn…

“Can I get you anything else, gentlemen?” she asked with a smile.

I had to touch her. I had to have her. Girls like Sydney are rare. And I will make her mine—whatever the cost. No one will get in my way.

 …and he’s never lost a game.

I wrote Dark Bishop with my bestie (yes, her again) Casey Bond. DB is a serial series. For those of you that are not familiar with that term (as I wasn’t until about six months ago) it’s pretty simple. A serial series is similar to a mini series on television. You get a few different “episodes” if you will that each build on the last to make the entire series. DB is the same concept.

There are five mini books that MUST be read in order. Each book builds from the last, picking up right where the other one left off.

Dark Bishop is just as it sounds. It’s dark. The plot will keep you guessing. There are twists and turns that neither of us saw coming as we wrote it. (It was fun.)

Casey and I revealed the covers for the first four parts in the series. I’m going to share them with all of you in case you missed it.

part 1 pawn part 2 swindle

part 3 threat    part 4 trap


Now, there is still one more part… part 5. We’ll be revealing the cover for the last move in the game later on.

Part 1: Pawn releases on 4/29. Here are your preorder links…

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T17UU6M
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00T17UU6M

Part 2: Swindle releases 4/30.

Part 3: Threat releases on 5/1.

Part 4: Trap releases on 5/2.

Preorder links for the these parts will be available soon.

ALL parts are only 99 cents each BTW!

If you haven’t caught the theme of the book, I’ll give you a hint…


And finally, a few teasers for all of you.



teaser 5


Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Part 1: Pawn today. Why wait?