Take A Gamble’s Journey

Well, let me just start by saying that even though this will be my fourth published book, this process is still a mystery to me at times.  I learn more and more every day.  So, as with a lot of things in life these days, I feel more and more blessed every day as well.

For Take A Gamble I decided to do things a little different.  It will be my first Indie book that I wasn’t rushed to publish.  I’m finding that the fact that I can hit publish whenever – and I’m not doing it – is killing me.  I can’t help it.  I want you all to have it so bad!  I want it in your hands, on your tablets and kindles and iPads.  I know, really selfish of me to keep it from all of you.  Trust me, if I hadn’t signed up for everything that I’m about to tell you about ,I may have pushed publish a while ago.


The things I decided to do differently…

I heard about a wonderful lady named Ena who has been incredibly helpful and supportive for a lot of my indie author friends.  She works in book promotions.  So, I know that I went to school for PR and advertising and marketing and business BUT, let me tell you a little something that I’ve learned lately that has humbled me in many ways, this business is HARD.  I can make a great teaser, push my book to blogs and readers, entice people to buy it BUT Ena is better than I will ever be at any of that AND I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it on a daily basis if I ever want to write another book.  Take A Gamble deserves better than I can give it, more time.

So, anyway, Ena and I talked and we are going to do some MAJOR promotions for TAG.  First, the cover reveal is going up on May 1st on a bunch of different blogs.  Then, there will be a release day blitz on May 20th – I know you have already marked that day on your calendar.  The following week, May 26-30th, there will be a blog tour.  This makes me nervous because what if no one likes the book?  Well, I am going to have to learn to take criticism because not everyone is going to love TAG as much as I do.  During a blog tour, the blogger posts their review of the book and for some of them, I will be jumping on the blogs page and answering questions and such.

You know how much I LOVE to give away free stuff so you may want to watch for that.  Oh… and books that could be on sale are the best, right?

Here’s Ena’s page if you want to check her out.  She’s amazing!


The point of this post, which I’m sure was lost a few paragraphs back, is that TAG is on a very different journey than the first three books took and I was hoping that you all would like to come along for the ride.  It’s going to be wild, I’m sure.


Happy Reading All!


Are you a blogger or author and want to participate?  Here is the link…  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1siKaSEg7RdFR1B6QJP2ZsWwV5yKZwQtQq9A1TkvEbQI/viewform


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  1. It is going to be well worth the wait! I am excited to get my hands on Mac and Roe’s story. xo

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