It’s been a while.

So, I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  In a way that’s good – that means that I’ve been writing and spending less time horsing around on Facebook and such.  In a way it’s not, though, cuz that means that you’ve been kept out of the loop.

Not a lot is going on right now.  After self publishing A Secret Life I’ve been busy promoting it, doing giveaways myself and contributing to giveaways that others are doing.  I’ve been focused on getting my name out there and generating interest.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s almost like having a full time job when you really put everything into perspective and I already have one of those.

So, here’s the latest:

A Secret Life is available for Kindle here and in paperback here and here.  This book is a stand-alone novel which means that it ends on the last page.  There’s no cliff hanger.  Once you read the last line it’s over.  I intended it to be that way but I still feel like there might be just a little bit more to tell.  I’m working on a project right now that could be considered a spin-off from A Secret Life.  Some of the same characters will be present but the story line is different.  I’m working on it every day right now and I’m not even sure that I’m going to continue with it some times.  If I do finish it and love it once it’s done then it will be self published as well.

Holding On (book 1 in the Holding On series) was released on 12/2/2013 and is available here (paperback & nook book) and here.  Amazon seems to have the best prices right now for paperback and eBook.

Unglued (book 2 in the Holding On series) is in the final stages of production.  The book itself is actually becoming a book right now and I should have my proof copy around the middle of January.  Once I’ve perfected that as much as possible – because those that know me well know that I am OCD about some things and this would be one of them – then that will be available here.

Weakness (book 3 in the Holding On series) is going to be self published.  I am planning on putting that out about a month after Unglued is released so that people don’t have to wait very long.

There may in fact be a book 4 in the Holding On series.  I haven’t started writing it yet.  It’s still just an idea stuck in my brain at this point.  If you’ve been paying attention to my Facebook posts then you may have seen that I was interested to know which male character you wanted to hear more from.  Which story you wanted from a different perspective.  The majority of people wanted to hear Ethan’s story – that’s book 3.  Some of you wanted to hear Brad’s story.  If I write a book 4 – BIG IF – then it would be from Brad’s’s perspective.

So, that’s what happening right now.

Not much, really.

The process of getting published is slow and the process of writing is even slower if feels like.  I’ll TRY to post more often so that you know where my head is at and what’s going on.  Until then…