My first review!!!

So, first I need to thank a very special lady for taking the time to read Holding On and then review it after wards.  In this business time tends to be a precious commodity and when you are caught up in your own work – writing it, editing it, promoting it, etc – taking the time to read and review someone else’s work takes away from everything you are and could be doing for yourself.  It’s a selfless act.  An act that I am in the process of repaying as I type these very words.

Casey Bond – thank you very much for spending some of your precious time helping out a fellow Tate author.  I cannot thank you enough in words.  What I really need to do is put my laptop away for a few hours and focus on finishing your book.  I think I will do that tonight.  (my review will follow in the next few days)

If you would like to read Casey’s “spoil free” review of Holding On then click here.  That link will take you directly to her Tate website.  While your there – check her out.  I’m about half way through her book Winter Shadows and it’s painful to have to put it down and go to work.  Unfortunately I have to do that to pay the bills until this whole writing thing starts to take off.  (The power of positive thinking!)

1 thought on “My first review!!!”

  1. Fantastic! Congrats! I’m finishing up my SYTYCW ms (down to the wire much?) and will be reviewing you soon. I know the pain of not being able to read a book you’re into, but in my case, it’s because I’m frantically writing. 😉

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