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Where we are with the Holding On series and A Secret Life “sneak peak”

So, I feel like it’s time to update you all on what’s going on in my world these days because things are getting a little bit busier it seems… that’s good right?

Alright, good or bad here’s the scoop. Holding On was released on my publishers website.  Thanks you Tate Publishing for doing that.  You can buy it in eBook or paperback by clicking here.  The official release date is December 3, 2013.  That’s when you will be able to purchase it other places like Amazon or B&  That’s also about the time that you will be able to post your reviews on Goodreads.  Any and all reviews are welcome – positive or negative.

So, we are trying to market the hell out of it right now.  I’ve order books twice now.  I am in the process of setting up a book signing at a local coffee shop.  Any and all support is welcome at the signing.  Whether you decide to purchase the book or not, even if you have already purchased the book, I need support at the signing.  Success is measured by the number of people who come to see you not the number of books I sell.  I have to make sure to give the coffee shop a reason to invite me back.

I still have a Giveaway for a signed copy of Holding On running over on my Facebook page.  Click here if you have not entered yet.  It ends tonight at midnight so enter now if you have not done so already and you like FREE books.

Moving on… Unglued is in the production phase right now.  I just wrote the promotional copy for the back of the book the other day and it should be finalized in a week or so.  I have been avidly searching for stock photos to grace the cover and stay within the theme of the series.  There are a few that I have fallen in love with that seem to fit so that process should run pretty smoothly.  Editing should start any time now.  That’s going to be a long process.  I want to make sure that it turns out prefect for all of you.

Finally, I have written a stand alone novel that I have entered into a writing contest that is being sponsored by Harlequin publishers.  It’s a long shot for me to win.  I have read some of the other amazing submission so I am not trying to be down on myself just realistic.  Anyway, if you would like to pop over and check out my new novel A Secret Life then click on the link here.  It’s completely different than the Holding On series.  I’m mentioning that because the first person who read my submission commented on the difference in language.  My new character likes to curse A LOT.  I am in love with her just a little.

Here’s something I found on Pinterest that I thought summed up a large part of the story line.


There’s a whole lot more to the story than just that because although I would consider it a love story it’s not all rainbows and butterflies this time around. There’s a little bit of danger and an edge to it that I enjoyed writing very much.

Anyway, that’s about where we are right now.  I will keep everyone posted on signings and such that I schedule for Holding On and where we are with Unglued.  As soon as I have an idea of a release date for Unglued you all will be the first to know.  I know there are a few of you who have already finished Holding On and have asked when Unglued will be available.  As soon as I know you will know.  Promise.

For now, do me a favor and pop over and check out my entry for A Secret Life if you have the time.  I could use a few good comments to at least help push me on to the next round.  Thanks a bunch for all your support.  You guys ROCK!