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So, the paperwork has been signed, all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.  As of 9/10/2013 I am officially a published author.  That date will always be a part of who I am from this point forward.  Not only was Holding On released for sale on my publishers website but I also made my first sale!

Thank you so much to the two ladies that I know purchased that very first day giving me my very first “Hell Yeah!” moment… Tracy Aguillon (my boss of the last 12 years) and Cassie Hatfield (a friend of just as long).  You ladies ROCK!  You definitely know how to make a pretty great day even better.  I appreciate all the support.

So here’s what happens next…

It’s time to truly work my ass off.  The easy part is done.  I wrote the book.  I edited it (with help of course).  Now I need to market it to EVERYONE.  This is going to be both a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I went to school for this kind of thing (advertising) but we didn’t cover anything about marketing your own book.  It’s going to be my first real challenge since this whole process started.

Book Signings?  Yes, I plan on having one locally (Kalamazoo) sooner rather than later.  You are all welcome to come.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I NEED you all to come.  These signings are the real way that I will be able to make a go of this.  The stores don’t advertise them  – I do – so I need everyone to come and show me some support.  Being someone who has always seen the glass as half empty the entire book signing thing scares the shit out of me.  What if no one shows up?  That’s pretty much what goes through my mind every time I think about it.

Paperbacks.  Yes, you can purchase a paperback copy of Holding On from me if you like.  It will be a while before I have enough on hand to be able to sell them to everyone but if you are willing to wait then I will gladly sell you one.  If you are impatient (I am so I understand) then you can follow the link below and purchase your copy from Tate’s website.  I recommend doing this since you can get your copy in 7-10 days versus who knows when from me.


E-Books.  Yes, Holding On also comes in e-book form.  You can click the link above and purchase the e-book if you like.

Bookstores.  Bookstores don’t generally shelf every book that is published since there are so many.  I may get lucky enough for the local B&N to shelf mine but if it doesn’t sell then it will be pulled.  It happens to authors all the time so WHEN is happens to me, I will be expecting it.  Unless I happen to sell a lot of copies that is.  Then I will truly be disappointed if they pull it.

Amazon. Goodreads. B&N.  When I have the official release date I will let you know.  Until that date, the only places you can purchase Holding On will be either from me or directly from the publisher at the link above.  You won’t even be able to search for it on these websites until much, much closer to the release date.

So, that’s what I know right now.  I couldn’t feel more blessed by all of your support since this all came about.  Most of you that are reading this are friends or family and your support means a lot.  Hopefully, I have some future readers that read this as well.  Your feedback, reviews and support mean just as much and for that I thank you, wholeheartedly.