So, I got the proofs for the cover options from the publishing company today.  They were not what I was expecting to say the least.  I am a little disappointed.  They listened to what I had to say, what I said that I wanted, but I still didn’t think that they were right.  Neither option fit the image that I have for the cover.

So we try again, I think.  I’m waiting for a response from my Project Manager.  I hope I didn’t offend anyone.  The covers were beautiful but they do not represent the book. I would love to post them and share with all of you what they look like but unless you’ve read the book you wouldn’t understand why they don’t quite work.

I know that I’m being picky.  I’m okay with being picky.  The cover has to be perfect.  If it’s not a GREAT representation of what’s on the inside then no one will want to buy it.  I asked my SIL what she thought and her response was perfect… “are you getting a feeling for Becca or Ethan”.  Those are the two main characters.

No I didn’t.  I looked at both and knew right away that they wouldn’t work.  So, I’m a little disappointed.  I feel like me being picky is going to set the entire process back.  Maybe it will and maybe it won’t but either way I still said no to both options.

What’s the timeline look like right now?  Well, I still have a few steps in the process before I can get a release date.  I’m trying to move it along as quickly as possible (I promise) because as anxious as some of you may be, I’m even more anxious.

So, here’s what’s still ahead…

  • cover design will be finalized this month (July)
  • layout design will be finalized next month (Aug.)
  • digital and print proofs to be signed off on (Early Sept.)
  • Final proof to be signed off on (late Sept.)

Marketing will begin by the end of September and that’s when I’ll have a release day that will be 45-90 days after I sign off on the final proof.  It sounds to me like it will be late November or early December.  

Until then… I guess I will write the final book in the series.  Oh!  Did I mention that Unglued (book 2 in the series) has been accepted by the publishers.  The process will be the same so you can expect to see a release date for that probably June/July 2014.