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Sneak Peak… Another one!

So, it’s been a while and I think that after all the Facebooking and Tweeting that I have done lately that all those that ‘follow’ my blog or ‘like’ my Facebook page deserve a little sneak peak into what they are ‘liking’ or ‘following’.  I would want to know more, but I also tend to be one of those people who wants to know everything that is going on around her… it’s who I am and I have never denied it.  I’m nosy, plain and simple.  You could try to say that I just like to be involved or included but that would be stretching the truth A LOT.

So, anyway.  Back to the real reason you are probably reading this.  You want a sneak peak into what’s in the book.  There are a very select few people who have had the distinguished pleasure of reading it already.  I was going to ask one of them to suggest what part to post but I figured that they would want me to give away the best parts and I just can’t do that.  Who would go out and buy the book if I gave the highlights away for free?  There would be no point in reading it.

So, I am giving you a pretty important part but unless you’ve read the other sneak peaks you probably won’t understand it.  Hint Hint… go read the other ones first.  I will wait…

I rummaged around in my bag for the bottle of water I had left from lunch and finished it in just a few gulps. By the time I looked up to say thank you to Ethan, he was only inches from me, and his eyes were locked on mine. I backed up to get away from him, but he followed. Eventually, my back hit the fencing, and I had nowhere to go. His breathing was labored, and mine fell in stride with his. I was at a complete loss for words, and his eyes were doing all the communicating for him.

As he leaned down toward my mouth, I found myself leaning in to him. When our lips met, it was like an electric charge. We both pulled back instantly, but just as quickly, our lips met again, hungrier this time. It only lasted a few minutes, but even after he pulled away, I could still feel his lips on mine. His hands were burning against the bare skin of my hips. I found myself wanting more, but he pulled away completely.

He stepped back, and all I could do was stare. His eyes looked different. The green that I found myself getting lost in was not there anymore. His eyes had grown dark with need. It scared me just a little to think that I may be looking at him the same way. I had only known him, really known him, for a couple of hours, but it felt like longer. Those things that seem important—the little things people know about each other after years of friendship—were not important in that moment. The only thing I wanted from him right then was another kiss.


Hope you enjoyed it.  I am going to try to publish another in a few weeks.