Sneak Peak #2

Alright, time for another teaser for everyone to read.  I have a few already posted on my Facebook page ( if you would like to read them there as well.  I try to keep different teasers on different sites.  I want to give the readers a nice variety.  So, here you go…



I swung around into his arms and held on tight, wrapping my legs around his waist.  I knew he wouldn’t drop me but it felt so good to hold him that I didn’t want to let go, not any time soon anyway.  He smelled just like I remembered, he felt just like the last time I had hugged him, and there were tears just like last time as well.  The only difference was that this time they were tears of joy.

I pulled back to get a good look at him and I saw for the first time in what felt like forever a real look of joy on his face.  I smiled up at him, happy to be able to see those luscious brown eyes of his, the gold around his iris’ sparking with joy.  He wiped away the few tears that had crept from my eyes with the back of his hand.  Then he leaned down and his mouth was on mine. Crap!