What it’s all about…

So, I was thinking that before I start to post some actual (un-edited) content that I should tell you what the book is all about.  In a nutshell, it’s about the struggles of a teenage girl, Rebecca (or Becca as her friends call her), as she’s ripped from her ‘normal’ life and moved across the country at the age of 17.

She’s strong and fierce but also unsure of who she is.  She’s a normal, confused teenager.  The story follows her as she struggles to find herself, to hold on to her past and to move forward with her life in more ways that one.  She wants to hold on to what she’s always known, who she’s always know, the life she’s always known.

That story really heats up when she meets an amazing guy who causes some new drama in her life but she’s drawn to him in more ways than one.  Her best friend is causing her some anguish while this is all happening and she just really doesn’t know which direction to go.  Her heart is telling her one thing and her head is telling her another.

Will she find her way?  That’s what the reader will have to find out.