My first attempt at blogging…

Wow!  It’s amazing how much work goes into marketing a book that has yet to hit the stores.  I’m just getting started on getting myself set up and already I have four new passwords to remember.  I’m gonna need a book to keep all my information for my book organized.

Well, I’ve found that some of the successful authors that I follow are doing giveaways.  I would love to offer that (and eventually I probably will) but I have to wait until it’s officially finished.  So, until then here’s what I can promise…

I promise to try and make new posts as often as possible.

I promise that each post going forward will contain a teaser of my book.

Lastly, I promise to that if all goes as planned, I will do at least two or three giveaways for signed books when the book is available (or at least when it becomes available to me which will be a little before the stores) and the first person to post on this blog will be the first person to get a signed copy.  (My family will probably get one before you but you will be the first official non-family member to receive a signed copy.)

Goodnight for now!