Want to know what I’m working on? This is where I plan to post any and all updates about what you can expect next from me. Please keep in mind that things are always changing and that if I post a date, that date is subject to change. Life is messy and complicated and demands changes be made on occasion. I’ll do my best to keep this area as up-to-date as possible.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what I have in store for you…

The Love or Lust Series

I’ll begin releasing the series February 2021. This is a reality TV romance with a love triangle, a little bit of a slow-burn, and if you’re not swooning you’ll be laughing.

With the world watching, and hearts on the line, who will win at the game of love? 

Twelve newly single contestants, each hoping to make it to the final prize. 

The cameras miss nothing. Every friendship made, every rivalry formed, every dalliance between the sheets; the entire world watches with vested interest. At the end of each week, two people are sent home. In order to stay in the competition as long as possible, contestants are willing to do whatever it takes… including turning on one another. 

Can genuine love be found in the reality show bubble? Or are the relationships being formed doomed to fail? Follow from breakup to hookup and see if the final prize will be love… or lust?

A Moment Too Late

I’m working on this one right now. It’s a forbidden, second-chance romance about two college friends who fought their feelings in college for the sake of their relationship with another person. You can expect AMTL to release in June 2021.

The Heartbreaker Trilogy

No, I haven’t forgotten about this series. Yes, it’s still in the works. The first book has a number of intricate details that require research and plotting. I SUCK at plotting. But this is a necessary step in the process for this book to make sure I get it right. Thankfully, I won’t have to do it for every book in the series, only the first one, so after all those kinks are worked out, the other books should wrap up a lot quicker. COMING LATE 2021!

LSU Series

I haven’t revealed much about this series yet as I’m still in the infancy stages of planning but I can tell you this… tentatively it’s NINE books, all connected, and all the MC’s are friends or family. LSU is a ‘campus’ series as all the characters go to the same university. My plan is to begin releasing them in early 2022, one a month.