Coming Soon…

Welcome to the newest part of my website! This is where I plan to post any and all updates about what you can expect next from me. Please keep in mind that things are always changing and that if I post a date, that date is subject to change. Life is messy and complicated and demands changes be made on occasion. I’ll do my best to keep this area as up-to-date as possible.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what I have in store in the coming months…

The Rumors Series

I’ll be re-releasing the series beginning in April! It has a fresh, new look in addition to a new book. Below are the planned release dates. (These are now set in stone and will not be changing.)

  • Damaging Rumors – April 13th
  • Devious Rumors – April 27th
  • Delicate Rumors – May 11th
  • Deserving Rumors – May 25th
  • Devastating Rumors – June 8th
  • Defensive Rumors – June 22nd
  • The Rumors Series Box Set, including the latest installment, Distracting Rumors – July 6th

For All The Wrong Reasons

It’s out there in the World! You can snag it on Amazon or read it free with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. I’ve also released BONUS SCENES but you’ll need the password so make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

Reviewers are requesting another story in this world, but not about Gabby & Quinn. I’m considering it, tossing the idea around right now. IF I should decide to write the story they’re requesting, I’ll post it here first so stay tuned.

An All-American Kind of Guy

For years, I’ve had this image in my head. A perfect man who appears to have led the perfect life. Money. Name recognition. He looks like a God. And the past few weeks his story has started to come together piece by piece.

As soon as I finish the final book in the Rumors series, this is the next one I plan to write. As far as a release date, I’m not sure yet. I’ve been wanting to write a holiday/Christmas romance for years and if I can work that into the plot… well, it’ll be a late November release. If not, I may release as early as August.

The Heartbreaker Trilogy

No, I haven’t forgotten about this series. Yes, it’s still in the works. The first book has a number of intricate details that require research and plotting. I SUCK at plotting. But this is a necessary step in the process for this book to make sure I get it right. Thankfully, I won’t have to do it for every book in the series, only the first one, so after all those kinks are worked out, the other books should wrap up a lot quicker.

The IDEAL release plan… (2020 edition)

  • Rumors Series (see dates above)
  • FATWR additional novel – late July 2020 (if I decide to write the book)
  • The Heartbreaker Trilogy – August, September and October 2020 (all 4 weeks apart)
  • The All-American Guy Novel – November 2020 (if it turns out to be a holiday-themed novel)