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Cover Reveal!!!

It’s finally cover reveal day! I’m so excited to share with you the AH-MAZING cover Marisa of Cover Me, Darling designed for For All The Wrong Reasons. It perfectly showcases the mood and feel of Gabby & Quinn’s relationship.

So, without further ado…

Want a chance to win a copy? Make sure you join my reader group and enter the cover reveal reader appreciation contest. All you have to do is share the cover somewhere, anywhere on social media today and you’ll automatically win an exclusive bookmark and be entered for your chance to win a direct-to-kindle copy of FATWR to read before it releases or a signed paperback.

Want to know a little more about For All The Wrong Reasons? Here are all the details…

The plan was simple. 

Fake a relationship, date for a few weeks to make their crushes jealous, then stage a breakup. 

Little did Gabby and Quinn know the cost could be their friendship. 

They knew the game they were playing was dangerous, yet lived under the false illusion that their bond was strong enough to withstand anything. But as they found themselves longing to surrender to their growing feelings, each began to question what they truly wanted. 

Can what started as an illusion become a beautiful reality? Or will a simple game of make-believe destroy Gabby and Quinn’s precious friendship? 

Fans of friends-to-lover romances are sure to swoon over For All the Wrong Reasons, written by award-winning author Rachael Brownell!

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Who doesn’t love a FREE book?

The answer is nobody.

I’m no exception to this. I love to read and when I see that an author has a book that’s free, I immediately get my one-click on. In fact, I have three or four books on my Kindle right now that are waiting for me to read and if I remember right, two of them were freebies.

So why do authors give away their hard work for free? It’s simple. We love our readers and it’s a small token of our appreciation. At some point in time you took a chance on me. You had probably never heard of me before. My book may have been recommended to you by someone or you may have stumbled on it by chance. Either way, you took a chance on me and my work. I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

That’s the biggest reason why authors run sales, hold giveaways and from time to time, make their books free, either permanently or for a period of time. Me? I have two that are prema-free and four others that are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Why am I talking about free books? Well, the last time I posted about my free books there was only one and now there are SIX! Plus, we have some new faces that follow the blog and I thought they might want the deets on the freebies. So, here’s my small token of appreciation to all of you for taking a chance on little ‘ol me.

Print  Holding On, book 1 in the Holding On series






part 1 pawn  Dark Bishop Part 1: Pawn, Dark Bishop Serial Series

Amazon US:




Gamble cover  Take A Gamble, stand-alone Novel


*** FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers ***

A Seret Life Cover  A Secret Life, Secrets Duet book 1


*** FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers ***

Secrets_&_Lies_Cover_for_Kindle   Secrets & Lies, Secrets Duet book 2


*** FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers ***

5.5x8.5Template  Next, A Kiss Series Novel


*** FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers ***

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FREE Chapters & a Giveaway

I’m a horrible blogger. Inconsistent. One of my new years resolutions was to blog more so I could feel more connected to all of you. I did good, for a while.

What’s my solution to get back on track?

I have to make things happen. I need to give you all something to read.

How am I going to do that?

Today I’m going to have a giveaway here, on the blog. It’s going to be an easy one too. You see, all you have to do is pop over to my profile on Wattpad and follow me. Click here.

Why would you want to do that? Well, if you’re on Wattpad already, which you should be because the site is awesome and you can read some amazing work for free, you will have access to the first chapter of each of my books.

See –> everyone wins already.

Seriously, though. I posted the first chapter to all six of my books this morning and as soon as Dark Bishop comes out in 10 days (EEEP!) I will post that one too. So, if you’re not sure if you should pick up one of my books and want to check it out first, there’s your solution. You can. There are also a TON of other amazing authors on Wattpad you can follow.

If you follow me on Wattpad, here’s what I want you to do…

Leave me a comment on this post.

Yep. I said it would be easy. I’ll randomly pick one winner Tuesday night for a signed paperback of any of my books, even Dark Bishop. I got those pretties in last week.

Not sure which book you want? Check them out on Wattpad. (See the theme?)

That’s all for today. I’ll update this post with the winner on Tuesday night so make sure you check back to see if you’ve won.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!

Don’t forget, if you want to get your hands on exclusive content & enter newsletter only giveaways, sign up here. The next newsletter is coming out in just a few weeks and it’s going to have chapter 1 of Flawed Reality, a month before it’s released!

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Interview with Author Jo Michaels!!!

One of the most fun parts of being an author is attending the cons. I am a very shy person but I still love the atmosphere and the opportunity to meet the readers and authors that attend. Last summer, I had my very first BIG signing in Nashville – UtopYA. I had the privilege of meeting the wonderful Jo Michaels, amongst many other, while I was there. I also have the privilege of being a part of UtopYA again this summer!

A little bit about UtopYA…

  • The conference continues to grow, this years its 4 fun-filled days!
  • When you leave you feel like you are leaving your family behind. A family full of people who love the same things that you love – reading and books!
  • Everyone that goes has a TON of fun. I cannot even begin to describe how much fun it’s going to be this year.

If you want more information on the con, check out their website here. This years theme is “Write your own future.”

Jo is not only an author but also a blogger and she as been doing features on all the authors that are attending this summer. My turn is next and I’m excited to share is with all of you. Let me just say, Jo asks some great questions.

So, if you are interested in checking out my interview with Jo, click here. FYI – I have a Rafflecopter giveaway that will be going on too.


That’s all for now.




I may have shared a little bit about my “Super Secret” project with Jo in case your interested…

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Happy New Year!!!

As we say good-bye to 2014 and welcome in 2015, we are all reflecting on our accomplishments and making resolutions for this year. At least I know that I am. As promised, I told you that I would share my two resolutions with all of you today, as well as the winners of the 10 giveaways that helped us countdown the final days of 2014.

So… my two resolutions are:

1. To become more active on this page. Last year was a busy year for me. The first half of the year I wrote 4 books and published 5. Needless to say, blogging was one of the last things on my mind. The second half of the year was occupied with a promotion that I received at work and I also had a horrible case of writers block. I wrote practically nothing and not surprisingly, was a little depressed about that fact. So, this year I plan on being WAY more active on this page, at the very least, one post a month but I’m setting my sites a little higher, around 2-3 posts a month.

2. I plan on writing another 4 books this year! I can’t guarantee that they will all be published in 2015 but I’m hoping so. In no particular order, here’s what’s to come: Saving Bliss, The Truth About Lying (A Secrets novella), Flawed Reality (book 4 in the Holding On series) and a secret project with my bestie, Author Casey Bond.

And now… for the winners!

Giveaway #10 – a swag pack: Shannon Anderson

Giveaway #9 – signed paperback of choice: Jerri Baxter

Giveaway #8 – a necklace: Shawndra Costello

Giveaway #7 – the Mystery Box: Missy Kendrick

Giveaway #6 – a set of signed PB of the Holding On series: Joey Ross

Giveaway #5 – ebook set of the Sin Series by Author Casey Bond: Wendy Elizabeth Robinson

Giveaway #4 – an ebook from Savannah Stewart: Cherish Golding

Giveaway #3 – ebook set of the Celtic Knot series by Cassy Roop: Barbara Lewczak Ramis DeAyreflor

Giveaway #2 – ebook set of the Brown Country series by Amber Nation: Kate Bobb

Giveaway #1 – set of signed paperbacks of A Secret Life and Secrets & Lies and a swag pack from me: Dana Anderson

If you won something, please email me @ to claim your prize. If you won anything that will be mailed to you, please include your mailing address in the email. If you won ebooks, I will get you in touch with the donating author.

Happy New Year!!!


What are your resolutions for 2015? I would love to hear them if you are willing to share. Leave me a comment…

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A Secret Life… $.99 on Amazon???

Yes, it’s true!  A Secret Life is on sale on Amazon for just $.99.  It’s only for 5 days so if you still haven’t gotten your copy then NOW IS THE TIME!  Click HERE is you want to take advantage of the deal.  The  sale is only going to last until 2/10 so you might want to hurry.

Want a chance to win some swag to go with your purchase?

You do?  Great!

Head over to my Facebook page by clicking here and share my status.  I am giving away a swag pack just for sharing.  You don’t even have to buy the book.

What else… Hmmm.  I think that after my $.99 sale on Amazon ends that I might just have to run a Giveaway over on Goodreads.  Stay tuned for more info.


Happy Reading!

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800 Likes Giveaway!!!

So, to celebrate the fact that I hit 800 likes – or at least I am about to – I put together a pretty big giveaway for you.  I was lucky enough to have other authors & bloggers donate prizes for you to win as well.  Please make sure that if you pop over to their FB page and give them a “like” that you leave them a message telling them “Rachael Brownell sent me to show you some love”.

So – we have a ton of prizes.  There is going to be something like 15 winners at this point (keep in mind that I am still collecting prizes and that number might increase).  So, hop over and enter yourself to win.  You can get five entries just by commenting on this post.

Good Luck and thank you for all your support!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Counting down the days GIVEAWAY!

Yes, I am counting down the days until Holding On is being released.  It’s available right now, I understand that, but it’s only available on my publishers website.  I’m counting down the says until it’s available places like, Barnes & Noble, etc.  I’m getting excited and can’t wait for the moment that I jump on Goodreads to update my reading list, search my name, and see my book available.  Yes.  That is what I’m waiting for.  Hopefully that will happen before December 3.

That’s the date for anyone who was unaware.  12/3/2013  I will OFFICIALLY have a book that will be available to be purchased by anyone, anywhere and reviewed by anyone who reads it.  (Honestly, that part scares me a little bit because I know that not everyone is going to love what I wrote as much as I do.)  None the less, it will be on Goodreads for people to put on their “shelves” and maybe even in my local Barnes & Noble for me to walk in and buy.  Exciting, right?

Anyway, because I am so excited about what the future holds at the moment (so please don’t pop my bubble just yet) I am putting on another Giveaway over on my Facebook page.  Click HERE and enter here if you like to win free stuff.  This giveaway I have a signed copy of Holding On plus a poster and some swag to send to the lucky winner.  Good Luck everyone and don’t forget to add Holding On to your “to-read shelf” on Goodreads once the link is live.  When it happen I will post that information here and on my FB page as well.

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Two giveaways, a teaser and a thank you!

Since everyone has been so incredibly supportive I thought that I would surprise you with a new teaser.  For those of you who have already read the book or purchased – thank you by the way – I will be posting the Prologue for Unglued, the sequel to Holding On, as soon as my Facebook page hits 300 likes.  We have along way to go to get there so if everyone could encourage their friends who love to read to check out my page I would very much appreciate it.

So, exciting things are happening right now.  I sold my first book the very first day that it was available on the Tate website.  Yeah!   I have 20 books that will be arriving at my house in a few days and most of them are already spoken for.  I have my very first giveaway going on right now (ends in 7 days) on my Facebook page.  I am also contributing to a giveaway that a fellow author, Britney King, is hosting.  You not only get to win a signed copy of Holding On  but you also get to win a copy of her amazing book Bedrock.

Also, I am in the process of setting up my first official book signing.  I have the date and the location pretty much set but there are still a few details to work out.

Best of all, I have had 5 amazing bloggers agree to review Holding On.  I am now anxiously (and quite honestly nervously) awaiting to see what they thought.

So, in light of all the amazing support that I am receiving, the largest amount being from all of you, I am going to post a sneak peak.  I hope you enjoy it and like I said before… once the Facebook page reaches 300 likes I will post the Prologue to Unglued.

He grabbed my hand and placed it over his heart. He didn’t have to say anything. I knew what he was trying to say; he had said it the last time we had said good-bye. I knew he meant it with all his heart, and to show him that I felt the same, I mimicked his gesture. Our foreheads met in the middle, and we just sat there for what felt like forever, saying good-bye, without any words.

With a final wave after he got through security, he turned and headed to his gate. He was on his way back home with part of my heart in tow. I wanted to run to him. I wanted one last hug, one last kiss. I wanted to go home with him. I wanted him to hold me forever and tell me that we would never be apart again. He was my solace, my comfort. I was completely torn between wanting more and wanting what we have. I questioned his decision as I watched him disappear into the thick crowd of travelers. Was this really what was best for us?

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Giveaway Time!!!

Yes, I am hosting my first ever giveaway.  I am so excited!!!  I am finally able to share Holding On with all of you!

So, here’s the link:

Go… click on the link and look for the blue box at the top that says Giveaway.  You can earn 10 entries the first day and if you tweet every day until it ends then you can earn an extra 2 entries every day.

What’s the prize?  A copy of Holding On of course – signed and sent to your home address at no cost to you.  Own one before it’s even released.

But it is released… sort of.  So, yeah you can go to and click on the bookstore link and search my name or the name of the book and buy a copy of the book.  But, that copy does not come with my chicken-scratch signature.  Of course, if you don’t win the contest and you want a copy and you want me to sign it then I will.  I’m just that nice. 😉

So, enter for your chance to win.  The more entries you have the better your chance at winning.  The giveaway end October 6 so enter NOW!