Surviving the Storm

When love turns to hate and you’re not sure who you can trust to help you escape alive…

The night he walked into the bar—sexy and confident—our eyes locked and the world around me disappeared. I fell hard for every seductive word that slipped pasts his lips. Every promise. Every sinfully sweet compliment. And every lie.

Now I’m trapped.
In a brutal sham of a marriage.

To the outside world our life must appear charmed. The successful Texas senator and his doting wife. But I know the truth about the monstrous man I married. No one says no to him. His commands aren’t questioned... not without violent repercussions.

I tried to leave once. He swore he would kill me if I ever did it again. But every day I stay, I live in fear that his next outburst will be my last.

Series: The Storm Series #2
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