Dear Kindle Unlimited…

It has come to my attention that some crazy s**t is happening over on Amazon. Things that are negatively impacting the lives of authors. It started a while back when reviews began disappearing. Now, it’s taken a turn for the worse.

The short story – an author was notified by Amazon that her account was being canceled, she can no longer publish on Amazon and they are removing all her books. Say what?!? Yeah, so apparently something about her sales led them to believe that she was scamming the Kindle Unlimited system. Did they ask? Nope. Did they assume that an accomplished author, with multiple titles, that sell fairly well, was somehow paying a click farm to earn her extra money?

They sure did.

The funny thing is, (which is really not funny at all) from what I know of this author, she’s as legit as they come.

As I stewed over this all afternoon after reading the article, I weighed my options regarding my involvement with Kindle Unlimited.

I do not want to end up in this situation. I do not want to worry that one day I might get an email saying I’ve been blacklisted by Amazon. I can’t even begin to imagine what she’s going through but I sure hope she fights back and gives Amazon hell.

Long story short, err short as possible, I’m pulling ALL my books from the KU program. If you are a subscriber, I apologize, but for an author that one day hopes to make this my main source of income, the risk has become too great. All my titles will become available through all other distributors as of September 1st, some sooner than that.

So… I have a few sales coming up that I thought you would like to know about. Here’s the lowdown on how July is looking.

First off, Jumping Puddles releases on July 25th. For preorders only, you can snag a copy for only 99 cents.



For all my books currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited…


That’s my big news of the week. I hope you all snag some books at the discounted prices above.

Have a great weekend!

What’s next?

JP release teaser (2)


With the release of Lucky 13 behind me, some of you are probably wondering what I’ll be working on now. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you may already have heard the news. If you don’t subscribe and want to, click HERE.

Here’s the rundown of what’s going to happen for the rest of 2016…

  1. Jumping Puddles will release on July 25th. Click HERE to preorder your copy for the special price of only 99 cents. Are you a blogger and interested in receiving an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review? Click HERE to sign up.
  2. Saving Bliss – yes, it’s FINALLY finished – will be edited by the end of the summer and I’m working on scheduling both formatting and cover design.
  3. My new WIP is called The Jane Project. (I’ll share a little bit about that in the July newsletter.) It will be released late fall, early winter.
  4. I’M GETTING MARRIED ON AUGUST 26TH!!! Aside from being incredibly excited about this, I’ll also be taking a break from all things book related beginning August 22nd. I’ll be back after the Labor Day holiday weekend – Tuesday, September 6th.
  5. October and November are FILLED with signing and conventions. Click on the event title to learn more about each one.
    1. Glass City Author Event
    2. Carolina Book Fest
    3. Rebels and Readers Author Event
  6. If you are going to be at one of the above events, click HERE to preorder your books. I am making one large book order in September that will have to supply all three events so I won’t be able to guarantee copies of any book unless you preorder.

Yes, I have a busy remainder of the year. I hope you all join me for the adventure.

New Release


I can’t believe it’s finally here!!! I’m so excited to share this book with all of you. Grant and Madison’s story is one of my personal favorites and I hope it becomes one of yours.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say:


Oh my this was such a wonderful story. The way one woman helps the people that are abused and helps find them a new home. When Madison is younger her mother passes away and she goes to spend a little time with her Grandmother Celia who runs this Thompson Foundation. She meets a young man by the name of Joshua who will be involved in this foundation. Where the Number 13 becomes involved I won’t go into details of how the Lucky 13 comes into play you will just have to read to find out. This is such an emotional read that you can’t put it down wondering what will happen next. When something happens and Tragedy strikes will Madison be able to remember everything she needs to. When she meets this young man named Grant will life take a turn with some familiar twist. Then when their life is upheaved again will Madison do whatever it takes to find Grant? Will Madison and Grant ever get their Happily Ever After? The writer goes into great details how these underground foundations are willing to help someone in need get away from danger job well done.

The thing I’m most excited for is the fact that I was able to release Lucky 13 for only 99 CENTS! That price won’t last long so, if you’re interested in snagging a copy, do so quickly. I’m not sure when the price will go back up.

Click HERE to pop over to Amazon and download it now!

Want to know more about Lucky 13? How about a few teasers…

Want to read Chapter 1 for FREE… Click HERE.

Do you prefer paperbacks? You can always order a signed paperback directly from me HERE or, sign up for my newsletter and enter for a chance to WIN a signed paperback in the July edition by clicking HERE.

And just because I love my readers, here’s a little snippet to enjoy while you wait for your copy to upload to your Kindle. Allow me to introduce you to Madison’s BFF, Libby. I like to call her ‘Loud Libby’. You’ll figure out pretty quickly why.

The parking lot is packed. Students are gathered in small groups, sitting on open truck tailgates, laughing and having fun. You would never know it’s the first day of school. Me? I’m planning on sitting in my car until the very last moment. I know where my classroom is. I figure I can head straight there and stop at my locker between first and second period.

A knock on my window scares the crap out of me and I jump, screaming bloody murder. I hear a loud, booming laugh coming from my left and look over to find the girl from the thrift store doubled over outside my door. I shake my head, knowing that she’s taking pleasure watching me struggle. Again.

I open my door and step out as she stands up and thrusts her hand toward me, still giggling to herself. She’s wearing a shirt similar to one that I picked up in Raleigh last week. It looks like I’m on the right track as far as fashion goes.

“Libby,” she announces rather loudly.

“Madison,” I reply, taking her hand in mine and shaking it softly.

“Why don’t we get you over your fears, Madison?” She nods her head toward the entrance to the school. How she knew I was scared of what lies ahead is beyond me.

“I’m ready whenever you are,” I say as I hear a bell ring in the distance.

“They’re playing our tune. Let’s head in.” Libby starts toward the school, not waiting for me to object. I hit the lock button on my car after grabbing my bag out of the passenger seat and jog to catch up with her. She’s quick. “So, where are you from?”

This is what I wanted. Someone to talk to. A friend. It’s going to be a long story, but one that I’m willing to share at this point. “A little bit of everywhere, but most recently California.”

Libby stops dead in her tracks and I almost run into the back of her. She looks me up and down, studying my appearance in detail. I know what she’s going to say before she even opens her mouth.

“You don’t look like a California girl.”

“I get that a lot. My mother was from southern Georgia and my father is from here.” I start walking again and Libby falls in step with me. “We move around a lot because my father is a Marine.”

“Did he get transferred here?”

I hear a warning bell ring as we walk through the open doors to the school. “Something like that,” I mutter, knowing that the conversation is far from over, but our time together is up for now. The stairs are in clear sight and I need to get to class. The last thing I need is to walk in late my first day. “It was nice seeing you again, Libby.”

“I’ll find you later and we’ll finish our conversation,” Libby hollers after me, loud enough that a few people stop and stare at me as I start to climb the stairs. I turn to wave and find Libby already immersed in conversation with a few other girls.

I hope you all enjoy Lucky 13. Let me know what you think by leaving a review on Amazon, GoodReads or feel free to message me.


♥♡♥ Lucky 13 is LIVE!!! ♥♡♥

I can’t believe it’s finally here! My love for this story has grown so much over the last few months as I edited my butt off to make it perfect for all of you. I hope you fall in love with Madison and Grant. I hope you are so engrossed in their story that you feel for them every time they struggle and are able to celebrate every success.

Lucky 13 is ONLY available on Amazon right now, BUT it’s being released at 99 cents (limited time only so snag it while the deal is hot) and will be FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Remember, the best way to support an author is to leave a review. I read every single one of mine – the good, the bad and the ugly – and try to learn something from each one.

Without further ado… click HERE to purchase your copy of Lucky 13!


Lucky 13

Genre: Contemporary Romance


99 cents June 7th-13th

Cover Design by Cover Me, Darling


Most people have a fear of the number thirteen. Be it superstition or otherwise, they believe it to be unlucky. For Madison and Grant, a chance encounter, and the number thirteen, sets in motion a series of events that forever changes their paths.

Madison Thompson: I’m a military brat. I’ve lived in more cities and on more bases than I can count. Friends? I’ve had plenty over the years. But those have come and gone as often has I have. I’m about to be a senior in high school… my fifth high school in the last four years. This time, it’s going to be different. My father says were here to stay. The question is… for how long?

Grant Fisher: One more year. Then, I can leave this town and move on to bigger and better things. Small town life isn’t for me. I want to travel the world and live in a city big enough that not everyone knows my name. There are plenty of reasons that I want to leave but only one that makes me want to stay.



Every choice creates a ripple…

JP release teaser

With the release of Lucky 13 in less than a month, I’m really excited to share with you what I have coming up after that.

The story is called Jumping Puddles. It’s a contemporary romance and follows Blake and Charlotte over a period of twenty plus years. It all starts when they meet in high school; Blake is about to graduate and Charlotte is a Sophmore. As their friendship blooms, so does their feelings for each other.

I just got my feedback from my beta readers and I’m pretty sure this sums it up best…


It’s a bit of a tear jerker at times. I’m not sorry about that fact at all.

My editor is getting started on May 25th and I’m scheduled for formatting and cover design at the end of June/beginning of July. I haven’t set an exact release date yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post it. Until then, here’s a little sneak peak…

JP teaser 1

(The following content is unedited and all rights belong to Rachael Brownell, Author.)

“Are you still there, Charlie?” Blake’s voice cuts through the dark clouds that started to move their way back in. I only allow them to invade my life one day a year and that day has passed.

“I’m here. Sorry.”

“Hey, how about I call you when I get there? I’m about to jump on PCH and it looks busy already.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be here.”

“Okay. Love you, bye.”

He’s gone before I can say anything. To be honest, I’m not sure I would have been able to respond anyway. His words echo through my head over and over again until I hear the phone start beeping in my ear, a clear sign he’s hung up and I need to do the same.

I place the receiver on the base and sink to the floor. The entire summer runs through my mind as if in hyper speed. Did I miss something? When did things change and how did I not notice? I fell in love with him months ago but never thought in a million years he felt the same.

What happens now? Do I tell him how I feel or do I keep quiet? Each decision comes with a different set of outcomes. Those outcomes can completely change the path I’m on right now. They’ll change the course of Blake’s path too. Are those three little words worth stepping in the puddle, causing waves, or should I avoid it completely, jumping over the puddle to save what is by far the best friendship I’ve ever had?


To keep up with new releases, sales and get exclusive content on all of Rachael’s books and upcoming projects, click HERE to join her mailing list. She sends a newsletter once a month.

So this thing sorta happened

I’m not the greatest when it comes to promoting myself or my work. This is actually sort of funny since I went to college and got my degree in Public Relations and Advertising. One would think that I’d be all over promotion. Not so much. So, this is what I’m working on this year. Not because I think people want to see a bazillion posts from me on social media every day but because when it comes to the important things, like new books or sales, I’m horrible at letting people know.

What’s the point of running a sale on a book if I don’t tell anyone, right?

Well, I’ve been trying to share more often on social media. One of the things that I most recently shared I’d like to tell you about in more detail. Here goes…

So this thing happened on Friday. It was unexpected but exciting at the same time. I’ve been working on this #secretproject for a while now. In the last month, though, I’ve fallen more in love with the story and devoted more time to it. I’ve kept everything about it quiet since I started working on it. Not because I didn’t want anyone to know about it but because, at first, I wasn’t sure if it was going to come together the way I hoped that it would.

IE – Saving Bliss style! (If you’re not sure about that reference don’t worry about it. Let’s just say that SB is an EXTENDED work in progress. If I finish it before July it will have only taken two years.)

On Friday, I spent some time writing and as I got half-way through a chapter I realized that the end was closer than I though. It was time. If I added anymore, I would be dragging the story out for no reason. BOOM! I was a few thousand words from being finished with my 11th novel. That scared me a little so I called my bestie, ran my final thoughts by her and push ahead, wrapping up the story nice and tidy. I still have to read through it. There will be changes and things that need to be tidied up. But, for all intensive purposes, it’s done!

Anyway, now that the first draft is complete, I’m ready to share a little bit about the story with all of you.

First of all, it’s called Jumping Puddles. The title doesn’t give much away, does it?

The synopsis doesn’t either. ♥ It’s not complete yet, but here’s what I have so far…

I lost my parents when I was only six years old. Then, ten years later, I lost my aunt and was forced into the foster care system. My life… it’s filled with puddles I’m constantly trying to jump over. But jumping over puddles is harder than it seems.

There are some that are small and fun to jump in. Others you attempt to jump over, afraid that if you land in them that they’ll pull you under. In life, you have to figure out which puddles are worth the risk and which should be avoided at all costs because every choice creates a ripple.

^^^ Keep in mind, that’s a work in progress. ^^^

So, what it the story really about? Well, let me introduce you to Charlotte and Blake.

Woman smiling warmly clothed in a cold winter on the beach

Charlotte is an emotionally strong, self-reliant, sixteen-year-old foster kid when you first meet her. She’s lost everyone she’s ever loved and is doing the best she can to adjust to her new life.

Enter Blake Collins. Oh, how I love him dearly…

Young handsome guy isolated over white background

Blake is the boy next door. Two years older than Charlotte, their relationship is purely innocent until Charlotte visits him over spring break. But it’s not an easy transition, especially with their age difference. With Blake off pursuing his dreams, Charlotte is left behind to wait, but for how long?


That’s all I’m going to give away. For now at least.

There’s already a plan in place for JP. It goes to my editor on May 25th. I’ve already purchased my cover and scheduled formatting. If all works out as planned, Jumping Puddles should be releasing in July.

If you can’t wait that long for a new book written by your’s truly… Lucky 13 releases on June 7th. There’s a party on FB if you’d like to come and join in on the fun.


#indieauthor #newrelease

Duet Special!

duet limited time promo


Have you been wanting to read the Secrets Duet? Well, here’s your chance for only 99 cents OR free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. May 1st this offer will disappear and the duet will no longer be available together. Don’t wait! One click now!


Amazon US  –  Amazon UK  –  Amazon CA  –  Amazon AU


Yep. You read that right.

Here’s the deal… Books 1, 2 & 3 in the Holding On series for only 99 pennies. The sale is scheduled for March 6th-13th (♦ see below)

FB BB series sale (1)

This is the first time, and ONLY time this year, you will be able to snag this deal. The regular price… $4.99. If you haven’t started the series, now is the time!

Originally, I was planning on only running this sale on Amazon. (hence the reason the graphic says Amazon only) Why? They update their prices quicker than most other platforms. Don’t buy your books from Amazon? Well, last minute decision, it’s going to be available for 99 cents on all platforms!

Here are your links so you can get your one-click on…

Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Scribd, Inktera

♦♦♦ Some platforms take longer than other to update their pricing – please be patient and check back if the price hasn’t changed. This also means that you may be able to snag the deal shortly before or after the dates listed above. ♦♦♦

Honored beyond words

So, this has been a pretty incredible week and it’s only Thursday!

On Monday, Casey and I released the anniversary edition of Dark Bishop. It has a beautified inside and was re-edited. We are so proud of the final product. We also put it on sale for those of you that hadn’t had a chance to read it yet. It’s only 99 PENNIES until Sunday, January 24th. Here’s the link, just in case you want it. (CLICK HERE)

THEN… on Wednesday, Casey and I were honored with an award for Dark Bishop. It was chosen as Book of the Year 2015 by Epilogues Book Club! If you haven’t checked them out on Facebook you really should. The ladies that run it are FABULOUS and I’m not just saying that because they gave us an award.

The title of this post is ‘Honored Beyond Words’ for a reason. I have been trying to formulate a way to express my gratitude to the readers and to Epilogues all day long and I have come up with nothing. Zero. Zilch. As a writer, you would think that I’d be able to express my feelings and thoughts rather easily. Normally, I can. But this… it’s indescribable.

This is my first award.

I’ve never felt so incredibly honored or flattered.

The fact that I get to share this honor with my bestie, Author Casey Bond, is beyond amazing. I don’t think anything will ever compare to the way I felt the moment I learned that we had been chosen. Not anything book related anyway.

To sum it up, I’m humbled and honored and speechless. Winning an award makes the journey worthwhile for some but, for me, it’s the icing on the cake.

Have a great night all!

DB award

(Yes, I know my name is spelled wrong on the award. No, I don’t really care.)


Dark and twisted Anniversary

Happy Monday!

Today is a special day for myself and my bestie, Author Casey Bond. It was a year ago that we started writing Dark Bishop together. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had since I started my adventure of writing novels four years ago.

Dark Bishop holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. One, I wrote it with my best friend. Two, it’s dark and twisty, different from anything else I’ve ever written and all around, scary as hell. It’s hard to believe sometimes that these characters came from somewhere inside our minds.  Three… I just plain LOVE Jake Bishop!

Why am I talking about the anniversary of writing a book? Because it’s been given a new look!

A few months back, Casey and I had Dark Bishop re-edited and then re-formatted. It’s been beautified on the inside but still holds the same gorgeous cover we started with.

pb cover

While all of this was happening, we  decided to republish it as ONE BOOK ONLY instead of the 5 episodes that we had put it out as originally. We also decided to drop the price and only publish it on Amazon. For those of you that read on another platform, we apologize, but after much deliberation, we decided this was best for the book. This means that it is available for FREE to those that subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

To celebrate all of this exciting news, Dark Bishop is going to be ON SALE for only 99 CENTS beginning today! The price will increase to $2.99 next Monday, January 25th, so snag it while it’s on sale if you haven’t picked up your copy yet. Here are you links: AMAZON US, AMAZON UK, AMAZON CA.

DB anniversary 3

Can’t decide if you’re ready for Jake? I completely understand. You may never be ready for him. Here are a few teasers in case you need help deciding…

DB social media postDB teaser 3 (1)10968709_439011432912967_2072173542_o

If you still can’t make up your mind, here’s the OFFICIAL book trailer for Dark Bishop…


Would you like to hear from Sydney and Jake? Well, Casey and I conducted a few interviews and here’s what they had to say. First, I sat down with sweet, innocent Sydney.

Me: I’m sitting here with Sydney Coder. Sydney has agreed to answer a few questions for us. I know that you’re all dying to ask about Jake so let’s jump right in. Welcome Sydney.

Sydney: Thank you for having me. I was told Jake is in the other room being interrogated as well.

Me: Casey would never interrogate anyone. Well, maybe a little. So Sydney, what is your perfect Sunday like?

Sydney: I work most Sunday so a day off for starters. If I had the day off, though… hmmm. I guess I would try to explore the city more. New Orleans is a beautiful city, full of life and culture. I would love to see more of it. I don’t have a ton of time these days, now that Jake’s become a part of my life.

Me: You said that you work most Sundays. What do like most about being a waitress? What do you hate most?

Sydney: What do I like most? I would have to say the money. You can make great money if you’re personable. I honestly enjoy taking care of people, I enjoy my job. As for what I like the least, working all the time. I need the money so I don’t ask for time off but it feels like I’m always working.

Me: What sorts of relationships have you had in the past? Was there someone special in your life before Jake came along?

Sydney: I’ve had exactly one boyfriend before and we were both too young to realize what it meant to be dating I think. He was a nice guy, don’t get me wrong, but Jake is completely different. There’s something special about him. I’m so happy I met him.

Me: If you were to put yourself on, what would your profile look like? This is just in case you and Jake don’t work out of course. Describe yourself for us.

Sydney: Well, I guess I would say that I’m tall and thin, not too tall, but taller than most females. I like to be outdoors. I prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt over anything fancy. I’m a country girl at heart but I have big dreams. I think it’s important to share that because they would need to understand that I have goals in life that I plan on accomplishing. Nothing is going to stop me from getting to Hollywood.

Me: Describe in detail your ideal man.

Sydney: Oooh! Can I describe Jake? (I shake my head at her.) Fine but he’s damn near perfect. He would have to be a gentleman. Caring. Funny. Polite. Easy on the eyes. I know that sounds bad but I would need to find him attractive. What else? Oh! He has to be smart and driven. Goals are important. Well, mine are.

Me: Thank you so much Sydney for sitting down with me and talking. Good Luck with everything you have going on. Hopefully you won’t need that profile. Things with Jake seems to be going well so far.

Sydney: Things are great. Thanks so much for having me.

Casey sat down with Jake. He’s a little arrogant but still loveable…

Casey: Thanks for agreeing to speak with me today, Jake.

Jake: *smooths dress jacket and smiles* You’re most welcome, Mrs. Bond. Is it okay if I call you Mrs. Bond?

Casey: As long as you don’t ask if my husband’s name is James, that’s fine.

Jake: *chuckles* Noted.

Casey: Sydney Coder is in the next room being interviewed. What is the nature of your relationship with her?

Jake: *grins* Well…the nature of our relationship is a private matter.

Casey: You don’t want to talk about Miss Coder?

Jake: Not with you.

Casey: Fair enough. Let’s touch on some basic information. Describe your perfect woman.

Jake: There are no perfect women, just as there are no perfect men. And it is in the imperfection that beauty is found. It would be boring if everyone was perfect, or the same. So the perfect woman, is every woman.

Casey: *smiles* Good answer. Do you enjoy being an attorney?

Jake: *sighs* Most days my answer would be yes. Some days it is an emphatic no. I’m sure most people feel the same way about their careers.

Casey: Describe yourself, your appearance, etcetera…as if you were listing yourself on a dating website.

Jake: Let me first say that I am not listed on any dating websites. But, my description would say that I’m six feet tall, medium, muscular build, dark hair, green eyes. Successful attorney in the great state of Louisiana. *grins* Enjoys long walks on the beach and beautiful women.

Casey: Are you sure you wouldn’t like to say anything about Sydney Coder?

Jake: *smirks* I am positive.

Casey: Thanks for joining us today, Mr. Bishop.

Jake: The pleasure is all mine.

Be prepared… Dark Bishop is recommended for readers 18 and up due to graphic content. When we say dark, we mean it. Enjoy!