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Editing, Editing and more… Editing!

So, I spent the ENTIRE day – and when I say that I mean from about 10:30am until about 9pm – in my office, on my computer, drinking some form of caffeine, reading through the final draft of Unglued.  Fixing the minor errors that I found.  Wondering how I missed some of the simplest things the first round of edits.  Like, how is it that the word “it” shows up sometimes where the word “is” is supposed to be?

There weren’t a bunch of mistakes – thankfully!  There were enough that I want to read it one more time just to make sure that I got everything.  I think I make about 30 corrections.  Totally worth the loss of an entire day off from work.  My house is trashed and I’m sure that there is at least a few loads of laundry to do, but when I crawled in to bed last night, the only thing I could think about, the only thing I felt, was a sense of accomplishment.

So, here’s where we’re at…

Unglued Cover HD


I should get the final proof – no more changes to be made – back in a few weeks.  Once I sign off, the book will be available at the Tate bookstore online here.  I will have an official release date that I will be able to announce where it will become available on Amazon and at online retailers such as Barnes and Noble.  As soon as I have that date – you will have that date!

Remember, this is BOOK 2 in the series.  If you haven’t read Book 1 – Holding On – then you might want to get on that.  Unglued won’t make a lick of sense, you won’t understand the characters or the plot, if you haven’t read Holding On.  Where can you get it?  Here are all the links:




If you happen to buy it and read it, I could use some reviews (hint hint).

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There’s a giveaway going on…

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Secret Life by Rachael Brownell

A Secret Life

by Rachael Brownell

Giveaway ends January 07, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Here’s your chance to win a signed copy of A Secret Life.  Goodreads is a great site to find giveaways from some of your favorite authors or just to get ideas for your next book to read.  If you’re not a member already, sign up today so that you can enter the giveaway.  It only takes a second and you can log in using your FB account.

Good Luck!

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It’s been a while.

So, I know that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  In a way that’s good – that means that I’ve been writing and spending less time horsing around on Facebook and such.  In a way it’s not, though, cuz that means that you’ve been kept out of the loop.

Not a lot is going on right now.  After self publishing A Secret Life I’ve been busy promoting it, doing giveaways myself and contributing to giveaways that others are doing.  I’ve been focused on getting my name out there and generating interest.  It’s a lot of work.  It’s almost like having a full time job when you really put everything into perspective and I already have one of those.

So, here’s the latest:

A Secret Life is available for Kindle here and in paperback here and here.  This book is a stand-alone novel which means that it ends on the last page.  There’s no cliff hanger.  Once you read the last line it’s over.  I intended it to be that way but I still feel like there might be just a little bit more to tell.  I’m working on a project right now that could be considered a spin-off from A Secret Life.  Some of the same characters will be present but the story line is different.  I’m working on it every day right now and I’m not even sure that I’m going to continue with it some times.  If I do finish it and love it once it’s done then it will be self published as well.

Holding On (book 1 in the Holding On series) was released on 12/2/2013 and is available here (paperback & nook book) and here.  Amazon seems to have the best prices right now for paperback and eBook.

Unglued (book 2 in the Holding On series) is in the final stages of production.  The book itself is actually becoming a book right now and I should have my proof copy around the middle of January.  Once I’ve perfected that as much as possible – because those that know me well know that I am OCD about some things and this would be one of them – then that will be available here.

Weakness (book 3 in the Holding On series) is going to be self published.  I am planning on putting that out about a month after Unglued is released so that people don’t have to wait very long.

There may in fact be a book 4 in the Holding On series.  I haven’t started writing it yet.  It’s still just an idea stuck in my brain at this point.  If you’ve been paying attention to my Facebook posts then you may have seen that I was interested to know which male character you wanted to hear more from.  Which story you wanted from a different perspective.  The majority of people wanted to hear Ethan’s story – that’s book 3.  Some of you wanted to hear Brad’s story.  If I write a book 4 – BIG IF – then it would be from Brad’s’s perspective.

So, that’s what happening right now.

Not much, really.

The process of getting published is slow and the process of writing is even slower if feels like.  I’ll TRY to post more often so that you know where my head is at and what’s going on.  Until then…

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A Secret Life has come to life!

So, I did it.  I hit publish!  It was on a whim and impulsive; it was not planned out like I wanted.  Sometimes I just get an idea and have to go with it.  Yes, I am insane.  I should have planned better, or at least planned a little.  I should have promoted the book before I hit publish.  I didn’t and I am okay with it – I have to be.

I had another “moment” the other day.  I realized that if I only ever offer A Secret Life in the Kindle store as an eBook that I will never have it on my shelf in my office.  I want to be able to hold it in my hands.  I love the smell of books.  I love the feel of a paperback in my hands.  I wanted that for myself.  It was the greatest feeling the day my proof for Holding On  arrived in the mail and I got to look at it, my name printed on the cover.  I wanted that again.  I had to have it.

Well, I will and so will you.  There are so many wonderful sites out there that make all of that a reality for new authors like myself.  CreateSpace is one of them.  They helped make my little dream come true.  Plus, they make it super easy to make your book available.  So… I had a print version made.  It’s available on Amazon here and CreateSpace here.  Check it out.  The cover is new and I love it even more.  The eBook version is still out there and available here.

Call me impulsive (yes) or crazy (maybe a little these days) or even selfish (I really did feel that I needed a paperback version).  Really, I’m okay with any of those terms because every single person who knows me will tell you that my determination to succeed outweighs everything else.  Plus, if you love the feel of a paperback as much as I do, you don’t really care if I’m crazy or not.  Right?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy A Secret Life.  I wrote it on a whim and published it on a whim.  Maybe I am just a little bit crazier than I want to admit.  🙂


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So, once I get an idea in my head, no matter how hard I try to talk myself out of it, I can’t seem to let the idea go.  Today has been one of those days.  Let’s just say that it has been a trying day – in my personal life.  So, without going into too much detail, I decided that what I wanted to do just couldn’t wait any longer.

I hit publish!

Yes, Holding On is releasing in 10 days.  Yes, Unglued is coming out in a few months.  I know all of these things but this just couldn’t wait.  I knew from the beginning that I was going to self publish this one.  I knew that it needed a bit of feedback and editing – thank you Casey Bond.  I also knew, after the phone call that I received this morning, that I didn’t want to wait any longer.  This one is special to me.

A Secret Life is now live on Amazon!  Holy Crap!  Click here to see what it’s all about if you have no idea.  It’s only available in eBook.  It’s only available on Amazon.  Once the rest of my life settles down I will work on publishing paperback copies if you are interested.  For now… eBook it is.

So, go – buy the book – show me some love and support – and a very big THANK YOU in advance.  It’s been a big day for me.Image

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Something different…

So, I know that a lot of authors are utilizing sites like You Tube to help spread the word about their books.  I never put much thought into trying to create my own book trailer but found a site the other day that made it look really easy.  I gave it my best shot and this is what came of it.

Holding On by Rachael Brownell.

I’ve posted it to You Tube to see if I can get some exposure.  Go give it a thumbs up if you like it.  I would greatly appreciate the support.

That is all for now!

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Counting down the days GIVEAWAY!

Yes, I am counting down the days until Holding On is being released.  It’s available right now, I understand that, but it’s only available on my publishers website.  I’m counting down the says until it’s available places like, Barnes & Noble, etc.  I’m getting excited and can’t wait for the moment that I jump on Goodreads to update my reading list, search my name, and see my book available.  Yes.  That is what I’m waiting for.  Hopefully that will happen before December 3.

That’s the date for anyone who was unaware.  12/3/2013  I will OFFICIALLY have a book that will be available to be purchased by anyone, anywhere and reviewed by anyone who reads it.  (Honestly, that part scares me a little bit because I know that not everyone is going to love what I wrote as much as I do.)  None the less, it will be on Goodreads for people to put on their “shelves” and maybe even in my local Barnes & Noble for me to walk in and buy.  Exciting, right?

Anyway, because I am so excited about what the future holds at the moment (so please don’t pop my bubble just yet) I am putting on another Giveaway over on my Facebook page.  Click HERE and enter here if you like to win free stuff.  This giveaway I have a signed copy of Holding On plus a poster and some swag to send to the lucky winner.  Good Luck everyone and don’t forget to add Holding On to your “to-read shelf” on Goodreads once the link is live.  When it happen I will post that information here and on my FB page as well.

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My first review!!!

So, first I need to thank a very special lady for taking the time to read Holding On and then review it after wards.  In this business time tends to be a precious commodity and when you are caught up in your own work – writing it, editing it, promoting it, etc – taking the time to read and review someone else’s work takes away from everything you are and could be doing for yourself.  It’s a selfless act.  An act that I am in the process of repaying as I type these very words.

Casey Bond – thank you very much for spending some of your precious time helping out a fellow Tate author.  I cannot thank you enough in words.  What I really need to do is put my laptop away for a few hours and focus on finishing your book.  I think I will do that tonight.  (my review will follow in the next few days)

If you would like to read Casey’s “spoil free” review of Holding On then click here.  That link will take you directly to her Tate website.  While your there – check her out.  I’m about half way through her book Winter Shadows and it’s painful to have to put it down and go to work.  Unfortunately I have to do that to pay the bills until this whole writing thing starts to take off.  (The power of positive thinking!)

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A whole new idea coming to life

I’ve been thinking lately about how I really wanted to introduce this new book to all of you.  It’s different from Holding On.  The way that it’s written is different.  The process I went through when writing it was different.  The process that I am going to go through to get it published is different.  It’s all around different.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a romance.  It’s still about love and the uncertainty of life but it’s a little rough around the edges.

So, instead of submitting it to my publishers I entered it into two different writing contest.  I went this route for a few different reasons.  First, the main character Kat has a bit of a sailors mouth at times and most of the story is from her point of view.  I love my publishers, they have been absolutely fantastic since I started working with them, but they are a Christian publishing company and the amount of curse words in this book might give someone a mild heart attack.  Secondly, I thought that it would be a new challenge to see if I could make it in the industry outside of my publishers.  I know that might sound a little silly but even if I don’t win one of the writing contests, and chances are that I won’t after reading some of the other entries, I plan on self publishing.  That will be a whole new challenge for me and I am ready for it.  At least I think I am.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some UNEDITED promotional copy that I threw together for these contests.  It will give you a glimpse into what the book is all about.  If you like the intro then click here and you can read the entire first chapter of the book.  It’s what I submitted to the contest.  If you like the first chapter then please vote for my submission.  I need all the votes I can get since I can only vote once.  I wonder why that is?


“I think you and I were meant to meet.  I think all of this was

supposed to happen.  You are my destiny.”


She never thought that her life would be this complicated.  Or this dangerous.  Running from her past, Kat and her mom end up in a small Colorado town when Kat run’s directly into her future.  She falls in love with Cam almost instantly but when she learns that her past is catching up with her again, she has to leave him.  When he finds her a year later, Cam thinks that she truly may be his destiny.  Can he leave his world behind to become a part of hers?