A Million Little Reasons (but you only need one)


I’m so excited Charlotte and Blake’s story is finally live on all platforms and available for you to snag when you’re ready. I have to warn you, it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. You know I like to bring out the feels in my books but this one… this has to be the most emotional book I’ve ever written.

And I wrote it back in 2016.


Yup, you read that right.

A Million Little Reasons is a new version of Jumping Puddles. Fresh content. Fresh cover. If you purchased Jumping Puddles, all you have to do is update the book on your kindle and the new cover will appear.

If you haven’t read this one from me yet… snag it now while it’s only 99 cents this week.

First love. 

Best friend.



The love I share with Blake is unwavering. He knows all my nervous ticks, bad habits, and pet peeves. Our inside jokes are endless and further prove we fit together perfectly.

But… our passion for each other is chaos.

My heart could list a million reasons why Blake and I should be together … never would it have anything to do with trust or honesty. Or, how a simple touch from him is anything but.

He owns my heart and always will. For now, that isn’t enough. But we both have dreams. We need to grow up and experience life.

Then, and only then, can we truly be right for each other. In time, what’s meant to be will be. Still, how long is too long to wait for a chance at happiness?