Sexy Saturday Sneak Peak

Half Truths – coming August 17, 2020. Copyright 2020, Rachael Brownell

I’m about to call it a night when there’s a soft knock on my door. I’m not expecting anyone, and there are only two people that it could be. Phoenix is more than likely asleep, so that leaves Harley.

It’s after ten o’clock. 

We said goodnight hours ago.

There’s only one thing she could want at this hour, and she made it crystal clear earlier that we had to wait. Until Daphne was done with her treatment. 

Still, I’m intrigued, so I open the door. What I find causes my heart to send all my blood rushing south.


Hair pulled high on her head.

Low-cut tank top and tiny silk shorts.

No bra.

No shoes.

“Hey,” she says.

I was planning on saying hello. The word was on the tip of my tongue, but my mouth went dry. She looks amazing. Sexy as fuck. Her legs are on display, and I want to find out if they’re as soft as they look. 

I’ve seen her every day for the last two weeks, and she’s always looked amazing. Tonight, right now, standing outside my door, she looks like a fucking goddess.

“Uh, yeah. Hey,” I finally say, licking my lips as my eyes hover over her cleavage.

I can’t look away. They’re perky and her skin is so smooth. 

“I was kind of thinking—”

“No more thinking,” I interrupt before she can finish. “I’m done thinking. We’re overthinking things.”

“What do you suggest then?” she asks, the sound of her voice drawing my attention to her lips. 

“I think you should come in before someone gets a show they didn’t pay admission for,” I state firmly, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her across the threshold.