book 2 in the Reasons series is FINISHED and headed your way!!!

I’m beyond thrilled this book is almost in your hands. Nathan and Jade’s story was captivating and sweet and funny and so many other things. I absolutely love these two characters and I was excited when readers demanded I write their story.

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A fling.

Our little secret.

He was fun. Available. With a sharp tongue and a killer body.

My attraction to him was palpable. I couldn’t resist the magnetic pull anytime he was around. And to be honest, I didn’t want to.

But like all good things, our tryst came to an end.

Our time between the sheets may have been over, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still attracted to him. That I didn’t dream about him at night or remember our time together fondly.

Because if there’s one thing I can say for sure about Nathan, it’s that he’s unforgettable. In more ways than one.