When Lauren moves to a new city to accept a position ghostwriting for a popular love advice columnist, there’s only one dilemma: Lauren’s never been in love. To remedy that, she decides to dip her toes into the troubled waters of internet dating.

Her rules are simple: No creeps or psychos and absolutely no falling in love.

I mean, who falls in love with someone they meet online?

Her rules were extremely easy to follow – until him.

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Here’s a little snippet of Lauren’s misadventure in on-line dating…

As far as first dates go, I’m not impressed. 

Location, thumbs down.

Him being late, thumbs down.

Maybe I should just leave.

Gathering my things, I barely hear the bell above the door chime. Just as I’m about to look up, a pair of black dress shoes come into view.

“Lauren?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I reply.

Slowly looking up, taking in his long legs, slacks, and perfectly-pressed dress shirt as I do so, I finally find a set of light brown eyes. He’s watching me closely, studying me. The way he’s looking down at me makes me nervous, so I move to stand, tripping over my bag and falling into him in the process. 

He wasn’t prepared for that. My body slams into him, knocking us both to the floor. It all happens in slow motion. His knees give out, surprised by the force of my body as I lurch forward. His arms flail, looking for something to grab to keep him from falling. There’s nothing in reach and as we’re about to hit the ground, I realize that I’m going to crush him in a very private place so I move my hands to protect him from my chest.

My face lands just above his belt, my hands tucked underneath me, covering his crotch from any permanent damage.

“I’m so sorry,” I say as I go to stand, reaching back for the table to help me off of him.

Mistake number 2.

The table isn’t bolted down.